System Of Education In Malaysia Education Essay

National Philosophy of Education combines the ends, policies and educational patterns to organize a consistent, clear and logical entity. FPK aims to rationally clarifyA the currentA educational patterns every bit good as facilitate the actions and tendencies ofA instruction in the hereafter. FPK consists of several elements to bring forth persons who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced and harmonic.

Harmonizing to National Philosophy of Education, “ Education in Malaysia is an ongoing attempt towards further developing the potency of persons in a holistic and incorporate mode, so as to bring forth persons who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonious, based on a steadfast belief in and devotedness to God. Such an attempt is designed to bring forth Malayan citizens who are knowing and competent, who possess high moral criterions, and who are responsible and capable of accomplishing high degree of personal wellbeing every bit good as being able to lend to the harmoniousness and improvement of the household, the society and the state at big. ”

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The first component of FPK isA instruction as an ongoing attempt. Education is a procedure ofA acquiringA and transferring of cognition, accomplishments and baronial values. The acquisition and transportation procedures are on-goingA startingA from an early age boulder clay decease. Early instruction is of import to determine the personality of immature kids from the age of 1 to 6 old ages. The personality therefore formed will travel on developing throughout the schooling old ages. Upon completion of schooling, the person continues to heighten his cognition, accomplishments and character. For case, after SPMA scrutiny, while waiting for the consequence, the campaigners can seek cognition by attendA picture taking classesA orA computing machine classesA based on their involvements. Continuous instruction will help the person to accommodate to assorted types of alterations.

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The 2nd component of FPK isA development of single potencies. Every person has been blessed by God with concealed endowments, potencies and abilities. Therefore, endowments, potencies and abilities should be tapped, nurtured, developed and enhanced through societal interaction with others and the environment. For illustration, a pupil who does non wish to analyze Saturday for an test. The consequence went out and to her surprise, she is among the highest. She did non recognize her intelligence before therefore, instruction offers herA opportunitiesA to develop her endowments, possible and abilities.

The 3rd component of FPK isA belief in and obeisance to God. One must acknowledge the being of God and accept Him as the Creator of world and the existence. He must be cognizant that God determines nature ‘s Torahs and phenomena. He should besides be cognizant that every person is to the full responsible for his workss and actions. For case, Muslims people believe the being of ‘syurga ‘ and ‘neraka ‘ . In order to acquire goodA rewardA in life afterlife, one must pattern all the instructions of the religion professed.

The 4th component of FPK isA knowing Malayan citizens. It means that all Malayan citizens must haveA loveA for cognition. In order to accomplish it, they must endeavor to further cognition andA readingA civilization. They can travel to Borders, MPH or POPULAR bookshop to read anyA readingA stuffs irrespective of its contents every bit long as they areA reading. Ultimately, they will go a wide and open-minded individual.

All in all, it isA crystal clearA that if each and everyone in the instruction fraternity uphold the FPK in transporting out their undertakings and duties, necessarily, our educational end will go world and non merely merely a dream.

System of Education in Malaysia ( KLSR, KBSR, KSSR )

Primary instruction systems in Malaysia have been altering from phase to present in order to give pupils the best instruction. The procedure had been gone from KLSR, KBSR to KSSR, which transporting different purposes of instruction.

Primary School Old Curriculum ( KLSR ) was implemented since 1963 to 1975. Bahasa Malaysia as the chief medium of direction in every school, including national-type of Chinese and Tamil school. Execution of KLSR was aim to beef up the national instruction system, foster societal coherence, cultural, political and educational, improved the criterion of instruction throughout the state every bit good as implement the democratisation of instruction, irrespective of race, belief or faith. However, the execution of KLSR did non last longer due to its failings such as repeat of the course of study content. Other than this, the instruction stuffs utilizing in schoolroom were merely text editions, which bored the pupils. It was more to academic and neglected the edifice of good personalities of pupils.

Primary School Integrated Curriculum ( KBSR ) was to the full enforced in all primary schools in 1983. The purpose of KBSR was to guarantee the holistic development of students, which encompasses facets including rational, religious, physical, emotional and societal which known as “ JERIS ” . In 1988, KBSR antecedently known as New Primary School Curriculum was changed to Primary School Integrated Curriculum due to the reappraisal of the primary school course of study. However, the content were remain unchanged. Among the chief aims of KBSR, pupils were required to get the hang the national linguistic communication of Malaysia which is Bahasa Malaysia. Furthermore, KBSR besides emphasized on the command of basic accomplishments of 3R, which are reading, composing and arithmetic. Besides that, four rules were found in KBSR which are integrated attack, holistic person development, life-long acquisition and one instruction for all.

In 2011, KBSR were replaced by Primary School Standard Curriculum ( KSSR ) . The purpose of implementing KSSR is to do the topic of English more interesting to pupils. It besides covered the countries of cognition, accomplishments and values. Another purpose of KSSR is to restructure and better the current course of study to guarantee that pupils have the adequate cognition, accomplishments and values to confront the challenges in the twenty-first century. The execution of KSSR is different from KBSR. It emphasized the development of basic linguistic communication accomplishments, 4R which are talking, listening, reading and composing. Besides, KSSR was more focusing on critical thought accomplishments, originative thought accomplishments and concluding. Additionally, eight rules are consisted in KSSR, viz. signifiers, course of study organisation, clip allotment, teaching method, content, stuff, organisation and appraisal.

Role of instructor

A instructor is non merely an person who provides cognition yet an pedagogue to pupils. Teacher is the first visible radiation of taking pupils from the beginning through the hardest. Teacher should educate the pupils mentally and emotionally by put ining good values on them, as a instructor is playing critical function for them. For pupils who would invariably run into with bumps on their route towards success, teacher would be their job convergent thinker, corrector, great galvanizer, incentive, leader, hearer, counselor, and adviser every bit good. A instructor is the 1 who fixing immature coevals to their future way.

Alternatively of learning harmonizing to text editions and turning the pupils into dead fishes, instructor has the duty on catching pupils ‘ attending and doing the learning advancement interesting in category, avoiding of bored the pupils. Furthermore, a instructor will be the function theoretical account who shapes pupils bit by bit. Therefore, a great instructor will take his pupils to a brighter way.

SJK ( C ) Pei Yang

Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan ( C ) Pei Yang is located at Bt 1 1/2, Jln Bakri 84000, Muar, Johor, Malaysia. 99 % of pupils in Pei Yang are Chinese. Facilities such as badminton tribunal, ping pong tribunal, basket ball tribunal and music room are good prepared in the school. Students have their options in taking one activity for their course of study every Wednesday. Furthermore, Pei Yang School has their ain museum which maintaining the history of Muar and the school from the get downing until now. Inside the museum, pupils will acquire the opportunity to larn for Chinese civilization. Presentations such as doing Chinese tea and determining ceramics carry out every twelvemonth for the pupils to larn more of Chinese civilization. Music lessons for Chinese traditional music instrument such as Erhu is besides available in the school.Additionally, Pei Yang School is stressing healthy diet in school. Therefore, debris nutrient are censoring in school. The canteen sets the repasts with meat, veggies and tau fu for pupils every twenty-four hours. Processed nutrient such as nuggets, hot dogs, and fried poulets are non available in their bill of fare as good. The principal of Pei Yang School would wish to guarantee the pupils know the construct of healthy life style and do certain that pupils are non devouring unhealthy nutrient in school as she takes this as a portion of her duty to maintain them good.

Sports twenty-four hours

There are several of activities carried out in Pei Yang School. Pei Yang School will keep their athleticss twenty-four hours yearly at Stadium Muar, uniting with four other schools, which are SJK ( C ) CHI SIN, SJK ( C ) SING HWA, SJK ( C ) SOON CHENG and SJK ( C ) PEI CHAI.

All pupils will split into four houses, which are Red House, Yellow House, Green House and Blue house. This would assist in developing their societal development as pupils will acquire to interact with each other and acquire to cognize more friends. Parents are welcome to fall in the event and watch their kids performed.

The purpose of athleticss twenty-four hours is to do certain the pupils are non merely outstanding in academic but besides in course of study. The disbursals of athleticss twenty-four hours is usually sponsor by PTA of each school and most of the disbursals are traveling to the trophy, nutrient, drinks and little gifts of parents and pupils.

By taking portion on athleticss twenty-four hours, pupils would be able to larn with positive thought, teamwork, and the spirit of ne’er give up every bit good. Sports events such as long leap, high leap, one hundred metres race, four hundred metres race and so-on will be carried out on athleticss twenty-four hours and pupils will acquire to cognize their physical position.

Through this activity, pupils would acquire the feeling of togetherness and integrity as the emotional component of FPK.


Other than that, competitions such as storytelling competition, singing competition, and pulling competition will transport in school.

The aims of carry oning competitions in school are to detect pupils concealed endowment and give them opportunities in demoing their endowment.

Competitions such as storytelling and singing competition will assist to increase their assurance of executing in front people. Teachers will steer pupils who are chosen for competition. Practices will taking topographic point in school during recess clip. For those outstanding performing artists, awards will given to them during their hebdomadal assembly.

This would assist in developing single potencies as the component of FPK. Since person has been blessed by God with concealed endowment, potencies and abilities. They should be tapped, nurtured, developed and enhanced. Education should offer the single chances to develop one ‘s endowments, potencies and abilities.


On the other manus, school authorization will transport out activity such as bivouacing yearly. They are normally conveying the pupils to campsite nearby which is campsite Gunung Ledang, Tangkak. It takes half an hr for the journey to campsite from school.

The aims of carry oning this activity are giving opportunities for pupils to larn for societal accomplishments such as acquiring along good with teammates, pull offing emotions in relationship, being able to carry and take others. Communication, cooperation and deciding struggle are of import in this activity. Students should being able to pull off straitening tempers good and command urges. It is of import for pupils in being motivated and staying hopeful and optimistic when they have to reverses in working towards ends. They have to larn for empathy in order to understand state of affairs, move suitably and do determinations sagely after believing twice.

Students have to put up collapsible shelters on their ain after presentation of instructors and working with each other in finishing their undertaking. Cooking their ain repasts is required in bivouacing. Students would larn for autonomy and independency.

Through this activity, pupils will aware that every undertaking and duty is a trust that has to be good executed as the component of FPK. They will larn how to work with others.

Go green run

School authorization will carry on travel green run for pupils every twelvemonth. Speaker from WWF will be invited to give pupils a talk on refering our environment.

The purpose of carry oning a spell green run for pupils is to foreground their consciousness on protecting our female parent Earth as planetary heating is taking topographic point bit by bit in presents.

Several related picture cartridge holders will play in hall, about the existent state of affairs of the Earth and state of affairs in wildlife. By raising their consciousness of protecting our Earth, pupils likely would alter to be a better individual in protecting environment. For case, salvaging H2O, salvaging paper, avoiding utilizing plastic bags and cut downing the use of air-conditioner in place.

Apart from that, tree-planting programme will transport out in school compound. The principal of Pei Yang will take the occupation of carry oning the ceremonial. Activity such as seting trees in school purposes to supply better acquisition environment for pupils. At the same clip, set as illustration for pupils and give them a sense of duty on protecting environment.

Through this activity, pupils will possess good character and upholds moral values as the religious component of FPK. They will acquire to cognize that we should be grateful and appreciate for everything, as it is all God ‘s gift for us.

Festival jubilations

Activity such as festival jubilations will besides be behavior in school for pupils during the festivals in order to larn about the civilization of different races and the significance behind every festival.

Parents will be ask foring to every jubilation, as this would fasten the relationship between instructors, pupils and parents. Additionally, it gives the opportunity for parents to cognize more about activities carry oning in school, watch how their kids taking portion in activities and how the school operating. The disbursals of those jubilations will afford by PTA and parents no demand to fork out supernumerary of their luck for any activities or event in school.

Festival jubilation such as Chinese New Year, pupils are allowed to have on their insouciant apparels to school and the school compound will be decorated by instructors will red lanterns. Culture related competitions such as storytelling competition, singing competition, and penmanship competition will transport out on that twenty-four hours and little gifts will give to all participants. Apart from that, pupils will have Citrus reticulata and Sweets from PTA ( parents and instructors association ) as a New Year approval for them. Not merely that, free penmanship with good significance words will give away on that twenty-four hours every bit good. What is the most interesting portion is the God of Fortune will shown up on that twenty-four hours as one of the instructors will playing the function to give away the ‘good fortune angpao ‘ for pupils as a approval for them every bit good.

Through this activity, pupils will acquire to cognize different civilizations in Malaysia and they would likely love for state as the component of FPK.

Simple Science experiments

Since there are many ways of acquisition, simple Science experiments are carried out in category. Students will be given a undertaking and they have to follow the instructions from instructor. Last, they have to transport out the experiments independently by reiterating the stairss after presentation.

Simple experiments such as seting the ruddy beans on wet cotton and doing observation of their growing after few yearss. A short study is required for each experiment. Students will larn more done experiment as they are informants of the advancement of experiments.

The purpose of simple experiment as that is to carry on a fun-filled acquisition procedure for pupils. From that, pupils would non emphasize of larning yet they experiencing interested.

Students will ever endeavor to get and develop cognition as what mentioned in the elements of FPK which posses originative, critical and brooding thought accomplishments. So that, pupils are willing to portion cognition with others and environment.

Religion categories

For guaranting pupils are mentally healthy, Pei Yang School nurtures pupils with good moral values by fixing them with spiritual instruction on every Wednesday.

Sisters from church and voluntaries from Tze Chi will come to the school for giving them a talk or storytelling for related spiritual. Volunteers from Tze Chi named ‘Great Love Mummy ‘ will convey along video cartridge holders and storybooks for giving off to pupils, whereas Sisters would convey along their bible-storybooks for pupils.

The principal of Pei Yang School believes that the moral values, which implant in pupils, would assist in their personal growing by constructing good personalities and repairing their mentality. Through the spiritual instruction, pupils will besides larn for keeping the stableness of their emotional and covering with emphasis and jobs.

This would assist in using the component of FPK which is balanced and harmonic being. Students will acquire to cognize the importance of holding good personalities and belief in God.

Mini lessons

Mini lesson in the schoolroom will carry on activity such as group treatments in certain linguistic communications categories, which would assist in upgrading the assurance of pupils in utilizing the specific linguistic communication.

Students will split into groups and given a undertaking such as finishing narrative. This would assist them in bettering their authorship accomplishments and talking accomplishments. However, it works up their creativeness.

Other than this, pupils would larn how to work together with their friends and lend their thoughts. This will give opportunities for pupils to derive the ability to utilize linguistic communication to carry through certain ends and efficaciously in showing themselves. It gives them bravery in talking out in forepart of others as good. Constructing sentence will assist them a batch in composing an essay. Besides, instructor will carry on educational games for pupils in category. For case, quiz, bubble bees and mystifier. Small awards will give away by instructor, as little wagess for who are outstanding. Teacher takes it as motive for pupils to endeavor harder and measure higher. Other than this, Pei Yang School has a reading corner for pupils and there will be a instructor standing by for replying inquiries from pupils. Some pupils will garner at that place while waiting for their parents to bring them.

This would assist in using the component of FPK, which is rational component in possessing the three basic accomplishments in pupils: reading, composing and arithmetic.

Video watching session

On the other manus, watching educational picture is considered as one of the learning methods in Pei Yang School, which would assist in bettering their hearing accomplishment and doing learning advancement interesting for them.

Teachers who teach in English will fix some picture cartridge holders for their pupils in category. Students get to interact with each other by watching English short narratives and singing the English vocals together. Learning in loosen uping manner is the chief aim of Pei Yang School to pupils.

Teachers are using the elements of FPK in pupils by exposing pupils to ICT learning medium. This would really fixing them for hereafter.

Slow scholar categories

As there are acquiring common that some of the slow scholar pupils find alibis for non traveling to school, Pei Yang School decided to do a alteration in acquiring rid from this state of affairs.

For slow scholars, the school has supplying them another acquisition environment and their prep is easier harmonizing to their gait. Teachers would foremost measure degree of kids ‘s development and set the undertaking consequently degree.

To avoiding them from looking down by others, all categories in school are non classified by utilizing A1, A2, A3 accoding to their consequence yet each category named with flowers. Students will ne’er cognize who is smarter and who is slower. Class activity such as mystifier, spelling bees, constabularies and stealer will transport out for slow scholar to larn for new things at a comfort gait. Teacher will play as their great incentive by giving regards, promoting them, and honoring them with little gifts, and every bit good.

To avoid pupils afraid of scrutiny, stressed, or depressed after comparing their consequences with others, instructors even keep the consequences of pupils as a secret from parents as good. The consequences will merely cognize by pupils personally. The principal of Pei Yang School hopes that pupils could follow their ain acquisition advancement at their ain gait. Teachers will put a mark for pupils to better themselves from clip to clip. This kind of construct is brought back from Taiwan by the principal of Pei Yang School. Some parents has complained as the school is non printing the ranking of consequences, nevertheless the action is taking for avoiding parents to emphasize their kids for viing with others.


School is a topographic point, which prepares the immature coevals for future and a topographic point where they gain cognition and seek for experiences. As a medium of supplying cognition and educating immature coevals, instructors and school should set in their attempt in supplying the best component for pupils. Pei Yang School has invariably tried their best in bring forthing persons who spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically balanced and harmonic. However, it takes two to clap. Students should set in their attempt as good. They should be grateful and appreciate the attempt of every pedagogue. In recent old ages, Pei Yang School has chosen as the school of ‘Great Love ‘ in Muar. Their chief construct is to supply pupils fun-filled and stress-free acquisition advancement and environment. Good consequences of their pupils has proven how wise is their chief in taking determinations.




Name: Lee Ai Huang

Age: 51 old ages old

Date of birth: 7.6.1962

Post: Headmistress

Religion: Siddhartha

Address: SJK ( C ) Pei Yang, Bt 1 A? , Jalan Bakri, 84000 Muar, Johor.

Gender: Female

Race: Chinese

Old ages of instruction: 27 old ages

Senior Assistant

Name: Tan Geok Hwi

Age: 48 old ages old

Date of birth: 22.3.1965

Post: Senior Assistant

Religion: Siddhartha

Address: 49, Jalan Putera 3, Taman Putera Indah, Jalan Salleh, 84000 Muar, Johor.

Gender: Female

Race: Chinese

Old ages of instruction: 22 old ages


Name: Adrian Ng Wen Yong

Age: 26 old ages old

Date of birth: 15.2.1987

Post: Teacher

Religion: Siddhartha

Address: No.14/21, Lorong Perkasa, Jalan Haji Jaib, 84000 Muar, Johor.

Gender: Male

Race: Chinese

Old ages of instruction: 2 old ages

Interview Question

Principal & A ; Senior Assistant

1 ) What activities will your school carry out yearly?

2 ) Will their parents coming to school for the events together?

3 ) How much is your budget for each activity?

4 ) Will there anyone sponsor the disbursals for each activity?

5 ) What is the aim of the event?

6 ) Why will it benefits the pupils?

7 ) Will at that place be any awards for pupils?

8 ) Who is fixing for each event?

9 ) Is the school traveling to unite with other school for carry oning an event?

10 ) What is the intent of carry oning the event?

11 ) How many times the event will keeping each twelvemonth?

12 ) How many instructor are traveling to in charge the ativities?

13 ) When is the clip?

14 ) Will there any nutrient prepared for pupils?

15 ) How many pupils are taking portion in each event?


1 ) What sort of activity will be carried out in category?

2 ) How are the pupils reacting?

3 ) Do you necessitate any budget in fixing the instruction stuffs?

5 ) When will the activity behavior?

6 ) What is the intent of the activities?

7 ) What will pupils derive from the activity?

8 ) How long Is the clip you conduct an activity?

9 ) Is there any wagess for pupils?

10 ) Is there any penalty for pupils?

11 ) How many times per hebdomad?

12 ) What pupils will larn from it?

13 ) How many instructor in bear downing the activity?

14 ) How is the result?

15 ) What is the purpose of carry oning the activity?

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