Technology Information

1. What does the word “processing” in data processing mean?

a. Data processing means gathering information from inputs and produces data

2. Give three examples in which raw data also serves as useful information.

b. When the webmaster updates codes for the website

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c. When using GIS, you can enter raw data to manage your data more efficiently

d. To print specific things, you can send raw data directly to the printer.

3. Give three business examples of data that must be processed to provide useful information

e. Limiting quantities

f.Transferring data

g. Securing information

4. Give three examples of subsystems not operating in the context of IT. Why are these considered subsystems and not systems?

h. Inventory control

i. Shipment control

j. Production control

i. They all are considered subsystems because they all contribute to meet the main goal of the system

5. How do TPSs and DSSs differ?

k. TPS records transactions whereas DSS helps make decisions

6. What is the problem? Give an example of a business problem and discuss how a computer-based information system could solve it.

l. When designing a website, data is no use unless the information system can create useful information by processing the data through data manipulation.

7. What is synergy? How is synergy accomplished when a person uses a computer? Explain the connection between synergy and increased productivity.

m. Synergy is when computers and humans work together to produce outputs that exceeds the sum of the output. Computers cannot act make decisions, they need a human to make the decisions so when a human uses the computer synergy takes place.

Synergy and increased productivity is similar because humans make many mistakes and are slow but when they use a computer, they become more efficient.

8. “An information system consists of hardware and software. ” Why is this statement inadequate?

n. The information system not only consists of hardware and software, it also needs the human to provide it with the raw data

9. In which situation does one need to make a decision? Give three examples not mentioned in the chapter.

o. Social Security p. Medicare q. Student grants

10. How can DSS help make decisions?

r.It processes raw data and make comparisons for the alternative

11. Note the word “support” in decision support systems. Why are these applications not called decision-making systems?

s. The system ultimately cannot make the decision; that is the human part. The computer only helps in this process

12. Who is considered a knowledge worker? Will you have a career as a knowledge worker? Explain.

t. Everyone is considered a knowledge worker. I will definitely have a career as a knowledge worker. Workers who have backgrounds and experiences in education would be considered a knowledge worker.

13. What is the most prevalent type of information system? Why is this type of IS so ubiquitous?

u. Finance System; because all of the systems require money so the finance system would be the most ubiquitous.

14. TPSs are usually used at the boundaries of the organization. What are the boundaries in this context? Give three examples of boundaries.

v. A sale

w. A purchase

x. A payment

15. Among IT professionals, the greatest demand is for network administrators and analysts. Why?

y. It has the most responsibilities and mandatory requirements

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