The Adam Khoo Youth Division Education Essay

Beginnings, early history.

The present Adam Khoo Youth Division ( AKYD ) started in 2002 as Adam Khoo Schools Division and was renamed in January 2010 in order to capture a bigger audience range ( Lee, 2008 ) . With merely one sales representative and a little squad of three trainers in 2002 ( Lee, 2008 ) , Adam Khoo started this division with the exclusive intent of widening their transformational methodological analysis to pupils who would otherwise non hold the chance to prosecute in personal and accomplishments command. Since 2002, it has seen exponential growing. The trainers act as “ function theoretical accounts ” ( Lee, 2008 ) for the pupils, fiting them with both academic acquisition accomplishments and life accomplishment. Together with its parent administration Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group ( AKLTG ) , the coactions with its sub-divisions contribute to a shared vision of being “ Asia ‘s taking supplier of personal and professional development preparation and instruction ” ( Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group: hypertext transfer protocol: //, n.d ) .

What the administration is today, what it does:

The Adam Khoo Youth Division spouses with schools runing from primary and secondary schools, to third schools and international and private schools to present customized, dynamic and high-intensity personal development preparation and educational solutions. Participants include young persons who range from 6 to 21 old ages old, and instructors ( R.Yusoff, personal communicating, February 2, 2011 ) .

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Headed by Mr J.D Lee and co-headed by his 22 full-time trainers ( Lee, 2008 ) , AKYD is committed to authorising schools and developing young persons, utilizing instruments and methods runing from neuro-linguistic scheduling, brain-based acquisition, expressive therapy ( art therapy, brooding therapy ) and profiling instruments to game-play theory and dramatic art

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AKYD adopts a holistic three-pronged attack in its methodological analysis in order to heighten instruction, authorization and amusement ( Adam Khoo Youth Division, hypertext transfer protocol: //, n.d. ) :

The Whole School Approach:

The Whole-School Approach is a phase for schools to instil positive values to reenforce and heighten acquisition procedures, increasing sustainability. Consistent messages are used across clip by all pupils and staff, constructing a nurturing school clime. Through its incorporate subdivisions ( Core Programmes, Outdoor Education, Life Skills & A ; Leadership and Teachers Training ) , it allows for an alliance of the preparation programmes with the school civilization.

The 7E ‘s:

Each degree of the 7E attack to larning as seen in Figure 1 additions with motivational degree and is employed in a scientific model to Prosecute, Empower, Evaluate, Educate, Evoke, and Evolve.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Figure 1. “ The 7E Approach ” . Retrieved February 1, 2011 from Adam Khoo Youth Division. hypertext transfer protocol: //

twenty-first Century Approach:

The twenty-first Century attack is adopted to fix pupils to be the citizens of the twenty-first Century as promotions take topographic point at a blunt rate. Students are taught to get by with challenges and failures in the hereafter via critical thought procedures and problem-based acquisition in the “ Framework for twenty-first Century Learning ” , a originative attack by P21, an activist American administration for twenty-first Century “ young person preparedness. These procedures take topographic point chiefly in schoolrooms. The “ I Am Gifted, So Are You ” plan for secondary school pupils ( IAG ) and the “ SuperKids ” plan for primary school childs ( SK ) are now more twenty-first Century-oriented as new accomplishments are infused with the bing model.

Relationship of parent and any subordinates:

AKYD ‘s parent administration is Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group ( AKLTG ) . Its divisions include non merely the Youth Division, but besides the: Public Seminars Division, Corporate Division, Success Products Division, and the Learning Centre Division ( AKLC ) . However, AKYD is most closely linked to the Corporate Division.

The Corporate Division teams up with corporate, transnational, institutional and authorities clients to accomplish personal motive, squad edifice, presentation accomplishments, leading, gross revenues, emotional intelligence, NLP, communicating, accelerated acquisition and invention. It has reached out to more than 32,000 people from over 110 administrations.

Numbers and types of cardinal populaces, with demographics ( active, latent or cognizant populaces? ) :

AKYD, as aforementioned, spouses with schools runing from primary and secondary and third schools, to international and private schools. Youth Division has an clientele base of 156 Schools, developing 35, 245 pupils in 2010 with a sum of 25,467 hours of developing from 45 different preparation programmes ( Lee, 2008 ) . AKYD has trained over 12,800 Singapore pupils ( Lee, 2008 ) since its origin. Clients include top schools like: Raffles Institution, Anglo-Chinese School ( Independent ) , Victoria Junior College, and National University of Singapore to neighbourhood secondary schools like: Yuying Secondary School, Mayflower Secondary School, Deyi Secondary School, and Telok Kurau Secondary School. One in four secondary schools in Singapore choose AKYD as its chosen preparation spouse ( Lee, 2008 ) . In 2008, AKYD has trained over 37,000 Singapore pupils, 9,000 parents and 2,300 instructors ( Lee, 2008 ) .

Geographic countries in which it operates:

AKYD operates merely in Singapore, unlike its parent administration AKLTG. Training programmes and workshops are chiefly done in local schools and schoolrooms, or at the office at 10 Hoe Chiang Road. The lone exclusion is the Outdoor Education subdivision, which has its cantonment land at the Singapore Vision Farm, a 7-acre site situated off Old Choa Chu Kang Road ( AKYD: hypertext transfer protocol: //, n.d. ) . Cohort and leading cantonments, motivational workshops, larning and team-building Sessionss are held at that place.

Organizational Doctrine:

How the administration views its function in society:

The administration views its function in society as a supplier of the “ Social-Emotional Learning ” model, moving as the span to the Ministry of Education ( M. Eevon, personal communicating, February 2, 2011 ) . It besides sees itself non merely as a preparation establishment and a installation but besides to supply a concrete platform to beef up acquisition and farther faculty member and life conditioning. Equipped with passionate and dynamic trainers, they are seen as the nucleus of the administration, conveying their preparations to life with anecdotes, hands-on activities and motivational narratives. This contributes to constructing a holistic model for personal command as values are taught in an synergistic mode vis-a-vis the aforesaid methodological analysiss. Besides, it believes steadfastly in offering the greatest value for money ( Yusoff, R. , personal communicating, February 2, 2011 ) , therefore guaranting that no pupil gets left behind because of hapless fundss. A simple computation on any of the preparation programmes will uncover that the investing per hr is merely between $ 2- $ 5 ( Lee, 2008 ) .

The administration ‘s basic mission:

The full company ‘s mission statement is as such: “ Empowering Lifes and Designing Destinies through everything we do to convey out the highest potency in every individual ” ( AKLTG: hypertext transfer protocol: //, n.d. ) . This is echoed throughout all the sub-divisions. Character edifice and rational development are pursued by agencies of impacting and altering lives. Students are stretched out of their comfort zones to develop an empowering mentality and so equipped with the most advanced acquisition and thought accomplishments. “ Every individual ” will hence hold a portion to play as both instructors and parents will besides be equipped with life accomplishments to prolong acquisition in school and the first environmental point-of-contact, the Home.

Organizational civilization:

Harmonizing to Miss Mak ( M. Eevon, personal communicating, February 2, 2011 ) , AKYD has a “ participative ” organizational civilization as there can be advanced thoughts from any degree of the administration. Teamwork is besides enforced when employees from different divisions insight and bill of exchange programmes to heighten sustainable acquisition. The best is done to guarantee that the best preparation experience is offered through frontward and niche planning.

This is farther reinforced by Mr Yusoff who mentioned that the civilization is like a “ household ” ( R.Yusoff, personal communicating, February 2, 2011 ) where every individual individual contributes towards a shared end of service excellence and changeless and ne’er stoping betterment. Believing besides in the “ jurisprudence of needed assortment ” that the individual who controls the communicating is the 1 deemed most adaptable and flexible, each individual hence participates in determining this civilization. However, the administration still remains to be spearheaded by the section caputs that uses a civilization of authorization to model and develop this civilization further.

Aspirations and ends:

Harmonizing to Mr Yusoff, there are wholly three ends sought by the administration:

To be the Number 1 supplier of personal and professional development preparation in Asia by 2020.

To transform lives every twenty-four hours.

To develop every school and establishment in Singapore in our young person motivational and personal authorization preparation series.

( R.Yusoff, personal communicating, February 2, 2011 ) .

Public Relations Opportunity or Problem:

At least one job or chance identified for your publications:

Problem: There is a repute that the young person programmes offered are simply surface-based or lone produces fleeting success throughout the continuance of the programme but the success is non translated into sustainable development and growing. This job is non absolved by both the printed or on-line publications. Although there are evident testimonies in the publications, parents and instructors remain unaffected.

( M. Eevon, personal communicating, February 2, 2011 )

Key populaces most affected or involved and to be targeted:

The direct key populaces involved are the instructors, parents or immediate household members of those in the class of 6-21 old ages old. Hence as a consequence, the indirect key populaces which are participants from 6-21 old ages old are the most affected as they are incapable of deriving consciousness and cognition of such programmes.

( M. Eevon, personal communicating, February 2, 2011 )

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