The Alam Training Programmes Education Essay


The Academy

Oxford Dictionary ( Published on 2006 Ninth Edition ) defined Academy as a topographic point where people study or are trained in a peculiar field. Therefore, it focuses on a little and specific country or field of surveies wherein the pupils can develop and derive cognition of their chosen field through the environment itself.

2.1.1 Akademi Laut Malaysia ( ALAM ) is an academic establishment situated in the province of Melaka which focuses on preparation of draw a bead oning sea traveling officers from different states viz. India, Philippines, China, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

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2.1.2 As excerpted from the academy ‘s ain web page (, retrieved 2012 ) , “ Akademi Laut Malaysia ( ALAM ) is committed towards being a recognized leader in regional maritime preparation excellence. ALAM specialized instruction system is one of the most fulfilling in the part. A balance of professional regimentation with a disputing college environment, the system unites schoolroom direction, practical preparation and professional development accomplishments. Structured to ease and fit pupils with competency beyond conformity and working in coaction with both local and international maritime-related organisation and establishments, ALAM creates a way header towards a satisfying and assured calling in the Malayan and planetary maritime industry. “

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2.1.3 ALAM Training programmes

Akademi Laut Malaysia ( ALAM ) is the chief or major marine establishment in Malaysia that provides plan for developing plebes under the Malayan jurisprudence. The programme of preparation in ALAM depends on the classs as following below:


Marine Engineering

Modular & A ; Offshore preparation

Simulator based preparation

2.2 The Training

Training is defined as a planned procedure to spread out the sense of attitude, cognition or behavioral accomplishments through larning experience to accomplish effectivity in executing an activity or scope of activities. To be able to develop abilities of the person and give satisfaction on the current and future manpower demands of the organisation in the work state of affairs are its chief intents. The phrase “ learning experience ” emphasizes that there is no clear division in between preparation and instruction, and the importance of integrating. ( Pg 62 of Glossary of Training Footings, 3rd Edition 1991 )

After the Completion of a twelvemonth in academic surveies, plebes are required to finish a lower limit of one ( 1 ) twelvemonth sea clip, which all subsequent preparations shall be recorded. And one time once more return for another twelvemonth of academic surveies. In the range of these Three old ages, plebes are expected to larn and follow with International demands contained within STCW, SOLAS. Appraisals such as written and Oral Exams are made whether these plebes are qualified to be Watch maintaining Military officers.

2.2.1 Sea Phase Training

Sea Phase preparation is defined as the practical preparation of plebes onboard the vas.

STCW 20120 Manila Amendments, Chapter II Section A-II/1, Paragraph 6/ onboard preparation, “ Evrey campaigner for enfranchisement as officer in charge of a navigational ticker of ships of 500 gross tunnage or more whose sea traveling services, in conformity with paragraph 2.2 of ordinance II/1

In ALAM, 2nd twelvemonth plebes are required to undergo sea stage preparation which will expose them to the existent occupation experience and will give them the opportunity to use what they have learned during their 1st twelvemonth in the academy. Every plebes have their patrons ( largely are transporting companies ) which will supply them their specific or assigned vass for their shipboard practical.

2.2.2 Requirements to Shipboard Training

The demands for shipboard preparation is defined by the Malayan Maritime section with particular mention to the Standard Training and Certificate for Watch Keeping Officers ( STCW ) . Malaysia Maritime academy is supplying each plebe a preparation guide the alleged Training and Assessment Record Book ( TARB ) .

TARB ( Training and appraisal Record Book ) – is The Training record book Issued by the Malayan Marine Department ( MarDep ) to Akademi Laut Malaysia ( ALAM ) cadets to maintain path, buttocks and record all preparations activities and work done by plebes. It is the 1 usage by plebes as their acquisition usher during their one twelvemonth practical onboard merchandiser vass.

STCW ( Standard Training and Certificate for Watch maintaining Officer ) –

STCW Code 1978 is an international convention which provide an international making criterion for forces on seagoing merchandiser ships whether for direction and operational degree. The convention was adopted in 1978 by conference at the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) in London and subsequently on in1984, entered into force. This convention enforce magisterially the minimal criterions with relation to the preparation, enfranchisement and ticker maintaining for mariners which states are compel to run into or transcend.

STCW Code 2010: Manila Amendment is the latest change or add-on to the STCW 1978 Convention. Harmonizing to, 29/11/2011, retrieved twelvemonth 2012 “ STCW Amendments integrate a 5 twelvemonth stage in period for bing mariners and at the same clip necessitate all existent life amendments such as the work and remainder hours to be implemented as of 1st of January 2012. ”

Under STCW Code 2010: Manila Amendments, Chapter 1 Section A-1/6, Par. 5, “ Any personrsponsible for the supervising of the in-service preparation of a mariner intended to be used in measure uping for the enfranchisement under the convention shall hold a full apprehension of a preparation programme and the specific aims for each type of developing being conducted. ”

2.2.3 The Importance Of Shipboard Training

The advancement of shipboard preparation for plebes is to develop with a planned preparation. The Master normally depute his duty to his Chief Officer who assumes committedness for organisation a proper preparation plan. On board ship preparation is concerned with public presentation instead than with capable mode ; individual learn to execute the undertaking required on the occupation in the existent occupation puting under the counsel of the Chief Officer and aid from other voyaging officers.

Learning procedure occurs as the consequence of interaction between the covering with Chief Officer and plebes through feedback whether positive or negative. On board preparation when carefully planned is an organized method of preparation, designed to assist the plebes, through Chief Officer ‘s direction, learn accomplishments while really working in an assigned occupation

( Tan Keat Siang, April 1st 1998 )


One of the most of import benefits of shipboard practical is that plebe is able to larn things through practical exercisings by making assorted occupations onboard ships. The exposure of plebes to the working environment is able to assist plebes recognize and understand the occupation demands onboard merchandiser vass. They are able to demo their capablenesss, addition assurance, and trial effectivity and productiveness upon developing onboard.

The new mariners learn through making the occupation, sing the same jobs that will confront in the profession. Cadets are permitted to work at their ain velocity, thereby deriving assurance and a sense of productivity. If they learn in the existent work environment, an apprehension of the occupation and chance to rectify mistakes before they become established is assured.

One of the possible benefits to be gained from a preparation government which describes the results required to set about the assorted maps onboard, is flexibleness. For plebes, the interrupting down of the complex occupation of the watchkeeper into smaller elements allows flexibleness of acquisition and timing and besides provides the chance for accomplishments gained onboard for genuinely multi-skilled officers in the hereafter. Training Future Watchkeepers, 20th March 1998, pp. 5.


To portion and assist the new plebes incorporate faster into organisation

To give more inside informations about the system developing onboard

Give the plebes description in public presentation the new occupation

Help the new plebes to absorb more rapidly into the organisation

Give the plebes a sense of satisfaction in executing the new occupation

( Zairul Azizi B Zamri, April 4 2005 )

2.3 What makes a plebe a successful ship ‘s officer?

In all facets of life, in order for a individual to be successful he must possess something that is alone with him and must besides be able to get by up with new things, hence for a plebe to be successful officer he should hold the behaviour of avidity to larn new things and must possess subject.

“ A successful ship ‘s officer requires peculiar personal qualities in order to get by with the demands of the profession. He or she will pass several month at a clip off from place life in close propinquity with other crew members. The ability to get by with the emphasiss of separation whilst exerting tolerance towards others on the ship is hence indispensable ” . ( Training strategies for Officer Cadets, Southampton Solent University, 2011/2012 )

“ Young officers must be able to accept a higher degree of duty than would be expected at a similar age in most other professions and possess the leading qualities necessary to direct the work of others, frequently under hard fortunes. Autonomy, self discipline, inaugural and the ability to work as a portion of a squad are besides required as are the commercial consciousness and direction accomplishments demanded by a competitory modern industry. “ ( Training strategies for Officer Cadets, Southampton Solent University, 2011/2012 )

2.4 The Academic Performance

Academic Performance -As per wiki replies “ academic public presentation refers to how pupils deal with their surveies and how they cope with or carry through different undertakings given to them by their instructors ” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: //,2012 )

Academic achievementA orA ( academic ) performanceA is the result ofA educationA – the extent to which a pupil, instructor or establishment has achieved their educational ends. Academic accomplishment is normally measured byA examinationsA orA uninterrupted assessmentA but there is no general understanding on how it is best tested or which facets are most of import -A procedural knowledgeA such asA skillsA orA declarative knowledgeA such asA facts. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

As per STCW 2010 Manila Amendments Chapter 1 Section A-1/1 “ Standard of Competence means a degree of proficiency to be achieved for the proper public presentation of maps onboard ship in conformity with the internationally agreed standards as set Forth herein and integrating prescribe criterions or degree of cognition, understanding or demonstrated accomplishment ” .

2.4.1 Appraisal on the Academic Performance

Assessment is a trial of one ‘s public presentation after a certain clip of surveies and preparations. This is normally done intermediately and terminal of every semester.

In ALAM, there is a alleged lector ‘s appraisal which is conducted 3 times in each semester. All the Markss accumulated including concluding scrutiny concludes the concluding grade of the present semester. On the other manus, shipboard practical appraisal is being done by the ship ‘s senior officers in a monthly footing. Besides, ALAM initiated an unwritten scrutiny to plebes who have merely finished their sea stage preparation prior fall ining senior twelvemonth in the academy.

Written and Oral scrutinies – the appraisal of an person ‘s public presentation, in order to place a preparation demand or effectivity of developing carried out. The assessment can be by study, by the criterion achieved in transporting out a peculiar undertaking by ranking relatively to others. ( “ Glossary of Training Footings ” Crown Publishing 1981 pg. 49 ) .

STCW Code 2010: Manila Amendments, Chapter1 Section A-1/6, Training and Assessment, Paragraph 1 & A ; 1.1, “ Each party ( in this instance the Malaysia Marine Department ) shall guarantee that all preparation and appraisal of mariners for enfranchisement under the Convention is structured harmonizing to the written programmes, including such methods and media of bringing, processs and class stuffs as are necessary to accomplish the prescribed criterion of competency. ”

2.5 The Cadets

Cadets is defined as a pupil in developing for service as a commissioned officers. ( )

In most academy preparation for future deck officers are divided into 3 phases or 3 old ages. These are the undermentioned:

1st Year Cadets – this the first or primary twelvemonth of cadetship wherein pupils will be introduced to different capable such as rules and practical of pilotage, chartwork, ship stableness, lading work and seamanship theory. In this phase, acquisition of the rules are most likely the chief precedence. Besides, readying for shipboard practical is being tackled here.

2nd Year plebes – the 2nd phase of the preparation is the practical portion which plebes are required to continue onboard and have their on the occupation preparation and acquisition experience which is to be guided by the designated and competent officers.

3rd Year Cadets – The last phase of cadetship which focuses on the alteration and improvisation of what they have learned during their first twelvemonth and what they have experienced on their 2nd twelvemonth. This besides focuses on the readying for their Competency scrutiny as Watchkeeping Officer.

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