The Anglo-Saxon Period and Beowulf

B Questions and Answers The Anglo-Saxon Period: What had happened because the Britons relied on Roman military? Because the Britons came to rely on Roman military protection. After Roman Empire began to fall, Roman left Brirain to defend Roma, and then Britons became prey to invaders. What was the influence of Christianity in Ireland and later for the people in Anglo Saxon? In Ireland, the spread of Christianity let Celtic monks to create one of the most beautiful early Bible manuscripts , the Book of Kell, and also Irish monks built the monastery on Iona.

For the people in Anglo Saxon, Christianity had become firmly established and it served as a peace-keeping force. Christianity also brought the beginnings of education and culture. Which Cities became centers of learning at first? Why? At first Northumbria and Kent were the chief centers of learning. Because in Nothumbria Celtic monks established England’s first monastery. And Kent Because the Roman missionary St. Augustine founded another early monastery in the village. Why the Saxon king of Wessex called Alfred the Great?

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Because he halted the Danish incursions and he also salvage much of Anglo-Saxon civilization. Which is the new center of Anglio-Saxon learning? The capital of Wessex became the new center of Anglio-Saxon learning. What was the scops’s job and what’s the difference of epic, lyric poems, poetic riddles and scribes? Scops composed or memorized ora literature and passed it down from generation to generation. Epic is a long narrative poem that recounts in grave and stately language. Lyric poems is shorter verse whose chief purpose is to express personal thoughts and feeling.

Poetic riddles is foundness for imaginative use of language. Scribes is writers of handwritten manuscripts. What are Bede’s achievements His achievements is the book Ecclesiastical History of the English People. Introducing Beowulf What is the epic want to display? The Anglo-Saxon epic hero displays the qualities that were highly valued by the Anglo-Sacon tribes who settled on Britain’s shores. Why is Beowulf so important? Because Beowulf is the oldest of the surviving national epics produced. It is one of Euroup’s first literary works to be composed in the vernacular. What is beowulf talking about?

The Beowulf is talking about a great national hero called Beowulf which mean bear. Many of his adventures take place among the Danes. Questions and Answers of Beowulf 1. What is a legendary hero and what makes Beowulf become a classic legendary hero? A legendary hero is a larger-than-life character whose accomplishments are celebrated in traditional tales. Beowulf’s boastful self-confidence, his feats of strength, and his victories in battle make him a classic legendary hero. 2. When did the story Beowulf written down? The story Beowulf was passed along by word of mouth.

It changed and grew as one scop to another. And it was finally written down in the eleventh century. 3. What kind of poetic device does it have? It was written by the language of Wessex, it relied on certain poetic device like alliteration, caesura and kenning. 4. Why is Beowulf so important? It is only complete old English epic that has been preserved; the poem illustrates the mingling of pagan and Christian values within the Anglo-Saxon culture. 5. What recorded in Beowulf? It recorded the dreams, aspirations and fears of the life and history of Anglo-Saxons.

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