The Annual Report Project Essay

General Electric. short as GE. is a taking multi-industrial company affecting in energy. contraption. finance and transit concerns. It has more than 100 old ages of history. and by and large be viewed as one of the most successful merchandise and service suppliers across continents. GE has gross gross of more than 147 billion dollars. and is presently ranking No. 6 in Fortune 500 U. S. by gross.

A. Introduction

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General Electric Company ( GE ) is a transnational pudding stone corporation headquartered in Fairfield. Connecticut. United States. Its nucleus concern contains four sections. including Energy. Finance. Technology substructure. and Consumer and Industrial.

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GE was founded ab initio by Thomas Edison. and so merged with Thomson-Houston Electronic Company in 1892. It was one the original 12 companies that were included for Dow Jones Industrial Average computation in 1896. and is the lone 1 that still being listed as of today.

* Name of the Chief Executive Officer: Jeffrey R. Immelt
* Corporate Headquarterss: 3135 Easton Turnpike. Fairfield. CT 06828
* Ending of last financial twelvemonth: Dec 31. 2011
* Description of the company’s rule merchandises or services: General Electronic contains four major concern sectors. GE Energy is constructed by two major sections. The Oil & A ; Gas section is a drill solution and refinery service supplier. and the power section is one of the taking industries in planing and bring forthing advanced. dependable. efficient. and high-performance jet engines. GE Technology Infrastructure is a concern group covering with machine production for health care and transit. GE Capital is the fiscal service supplier chiefly focuses on loans and leases that it underwrites to keep on its ain balance sheet instead than on bring forthing fee by arising loans and rentals.

GE Home & A ; Business Solutions is another GE major concern unit composed of intelligent platforms section and lighting section. The intelligent platforms are affecting in bring forthing following coevals hardware and package for industrial control. and illuming section chiefly engaged in place contraption production and care. * Main geographic country of activity ( in order of gross significance ) : United States. Canada. Europe. Asia. Australia. Africa. * Name of Company’s independent comptrollers ( KPMG LLP ) . Base on the analysis of independent hearer. the GE consolidated fiscal statements released to the populace presented reasonably. in a whole. the fiscal place of GE as the day of the month of Dec 31. 2011 and 2010.

Besides. the statements of operations and hard currency flows for the three back-to-back old ages from 2009 to 2011 are conformed to U. S. by and large accepted accounting rules ( GAAP ) . The independent comptrollers besides declared that the GE maintained effectual internal control over fiscal coverage as of Dec 31 2011. harmonizing to the standards established in Internal Control-Integrated Framework issued by COSO. * The most recent monetary value of company’s stock and its dividend per portion The current monetary value of GE stock is $ 20. 62 as of Nov 20. 2012. The most recent dividend payment day of the month was Oct 25. 2012 ( record day of the month was Sep 24. 2012 ) with sum per portion of $ 0. 17.

B. Industry Situation and Company Plans

GE Energy unit is a merchandise and service supplier across different energy industries. including coal. oil. natural gas. atomic power and renewable energy like air current or solar energy. In general. planetary energy concern experienced a boosting period in the past 20 old ages due to the economic rapid growing in Asia. Coal. Oil and natural gas are top 3 widely used dodo fuels in energy industry. accounting for 55 % of entire energy demands. GE Energy has the advantage of using advanced engineering from boring and production. liquified natural gas grapevines and storage to industrial power coevals and it is the largest natural gas supplier in U. S. Based on GE’s patents on renewable energy. it greatly expands its concern cooperation in Asia in the past three old ages within the states that have great environmental issues. like China. In 2009~20011. GE acquired two air current turbine companies. Scan Wind and Wind Tower System. and became one of the largest engine industries. 2nd merely to well-known British company. Rolls-Royce plc.

Healthcare in GE Technology Infrastructure concern unit takes the dominant place in the field of diagnostic imagination service and integrated clinical system suppliers. While it has offices around the Earth. the Healthcare section has major regional operation in Europe and Asia. Transportation in GE Technology Infrastructure concern unit fundamentally produces locomotor and its accompanied equipment. big electric motors and propulsion systems for excavation. oil boring and engine industries. Because of its comparative advantage of research and development. the GE Transportation unit experienced a fast enlargement in the past several old ages. and in 2011 they announced programs to construct another locomotor mill in Texas to run into the increasing demand.

GE Capital has two major parts of services. air power services. and energy fiscal services. The air power service is responsible for the leasing of aircraft and associate equipment to air hoses. Harmonizing to 2005 Airfinance Journal Operating Lessor Survey. GE air power service section is the largest aircraft lease giver in the universe by the fleet size. The success of this concern is chiefly due to the to a great extent competition between the air hoses. and each air hose company intends to rent inexpensive aircraft to cut down their cost. The capital intensive companies. like GE. has the advantage to run into their demands. Energy fiscal services section is chiefly responsible for subsidiary function such as supplying fiscal and technological investing in energy substructure undertakings around the universe. and their major investings are the undertakings across the different concern section of the General Electric.

GE Home & A ; Business Solutions is composed of GE Lighting and GE Intelligent Platforms. GE Lighting is good known for its family contraption traced back from Thomas Edison’s work on illuming. Because of its dominant place in the concern. illuming section generates descent sum of the grosss for the whole group. In 2011 the gross gross for GE Lighting is about 3 billion. Intelligent Platforms departments designs. industries. and supplies hardware and package merchandises for industrial control and mechanization. Their hardware merchandises including programmable logic accountants ( PLCs ) . programmable mechanization accountants ( PACs ) . every bit good as package merchandises including supervisory control and informations acquisition ( SCADA ) has good repute in the market. its major function is to supply research and development support for other GE concern units to germinate their merchandises. The gross in Intelligent Platforms is about 135 million. and is non a immense net income resource for the whole group.

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