The Annual Report Provided By Shangri La Hotel Malaysia Accounting Essay

I ) Analyze the quality of the studies

Due to the one-year study provided by Shangri La Hotel ( Malaysia ) , there is non included environment and societal coverage in 2006. However, in the one-year study of 2009, it is included with the Environmental & A ; Social Report. The study by Shangri La Hotel had claimed they as a responsible corporate citizen, they are to the full committed to sound rules of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) . Corporate societal duty concludes that the ternary bottom line describing which interrelated between three dimensions. There are economic refer to gain, societal refer to ethical and environment. The three dimensions correspond to the elements of sustainable development ( John Elkington, 1994 ) . There is the same coverage stated that sustainable development integrating economic, societal, and environmental public presentation is of important concern to the stakeholders ( Berkel, 2003 ) . An organisation required to unwrap the ternary bottom line coverage to heighten internal direction determinations and support involvements of stakeholder ( Nickie Petcharat1 and Joseph M. Mula ) .

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Based on the one-year study 2009, Shangri La Hotel reached a simply choice phase about corporate societal duty compared to others. That is because they place the strong accenting on battle with their stakeholders at all degrees including employee, client, stockholders and local communities. Whereas Shangri La Hotel besides continues to holding a close relationship with local governments and authorities organic structures at both national and local degrees on environment issues. These show Shangri La Hotel had covering the deepness, comprehensiveness of public presentation measuring and a broad countries of the extent of environment. From the study, they claimed that each of the hotel belongingss has a formalized CSR commission, consisting members of senior direction. The CSR commission ‘s function is to commanding and supervising the advancement in the cardinal countries.

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The organisations required to capture environmental and societal impact costs to heighten cost measuring and designation. These may insists of more accurately to the full cost environment and societal impacts to back up sustainable development coverage ( Grey 2006 ; Gary et Al. 2001 ) . Shangri La Hotel had implement the energy and H2O efficiency, waste direction in order to run into the duty of the sense of economic in sustainability coverage. All the Shangri La Hotels have attained ISO 14001, ( International criterion of environmental direction ) intended to direct the hotels towards to accomplish the environmental ends. Furthermore, Rasa Ria Resort ( Shangri La Group Hotel ) has dedicated 64 estates of its forested hills to nature modesty. These guarantee a place to assorted species of birds and little animate beings. Shangri La Hotels besides places itself for the hereafter because they had embarked on a new tarsier preservation undertaking, in partnership with the Sabah Wildlife Department. Before that, Rasa Sayang Resort had taking portion in support the turtle preservation plan by raising financess. All of these shows that they are insist of good public presentation to heighten the environmental and societal duty.

Besides that, Shangri La Hotel has operates non-discriminatory employment policy. This ensures that everyone will acquire the equal chances in all facets of employment. Company ‘s successful work are largely depends on their employee public presentation ; the competency of employees may go the strong competitory advantage ( Vytautas JuA?A?ius1, Vytautas SnieA?ka2, 2008 ) . Alternatively of it, Shangri La Hotel has provides a comfy environment to actuate their employees. Whereas a broad scope of service and functional accomplishments developing activities besides provided for all degrees of employees. Communities are concerned about the wellness effects, and safety of the worker ( Marc J. Epstein, 2009 ) . Shangri La has topographic points paramount of import on the wellness and safety of all its employees, client and general populace. These can be proves when Shangri La Hotel is a HACCP certified and OHSAS 18001-certified hotel.

Naess was developed a deep ecology theory in 1973 to explicate betterment in qualities of worlds and the environment by cut downing environmental pollution and avoiding extractions of natural resources ( Devall & A ; Sessions 1985 ; Drengson & A ; Inoue 1995 ) . In September 2009, Rasa Sayang Resort ( Shangri La Group Hotels ) participated in beach cleansing undertaking with the distance of 650 metres from Pasir Pendak to the Penang National Park. On the other manus, Shangri La Hotel besides demoing sincere to those disabilities or handicapped people by helped raise financess through its Christmas tree charity undertaking.

The signifier of information provided by Shangri La Hotel about the environmental & A ; societal study is present in information given and supported by the grounds. The hotel groups did non demo any fiscal relevant images and graph to beef up the study. However, it makes everything in clear and brief. These enhance the apprehension of the user.

The G3 Guidelines, the basis of GRI ‘s Sustainability Reporting Framework were foremost published in 2006. Recently, Global Reporting Initiative ( GRI ) had released G3.1 Guidelines and it focuses two chief parts in 2011. Separate one is stressing to describing rules and counsel whereas portion two is about standard revelations. The rules are to specify study content in materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, and completeness.

Materialities reflecting the organisation ‘s important economic, environmental, and societal impacts whereas it should be substantively act upon the appraisals and determination of stakeholders. The study provided by Shangri La Hotel is reasonably showing the impacts and sing the influence of the appraisals and determination of stakeholders. Stakeholder inclusiveness is another issue in the rule ; this coverage organisation should place its stakeholders and explain in the study how it has responded to their sensible outlooks and involvements. The sustainability study of the hotel had clearly identified each possible stakeholder and explains the sensible outlooks. Next, the sustainability context brings out several trials to warrant whether the organisation had meet the demand. There is an issue demand to lift out because one of the trials need to demo how sustainability subjects relate to long term organisational scheme, hazards, and chances, including supply concatenation subjects ( G3.1 Guidelines, 2011 ) . Shangri La Hotel had non clarified that the sustainability subject have relate to any scheme, hazards or chances. However, the supply concatenation subjects had included in the study and it provided sufficient information to the users. Overall, the completeness of the study is acceptable and simply reach the demand but it still have to be improved.

Another rule is to specify study quality in balance, comparison, truth, seasonableness, dependability, and lucidity. The G3 Guidelines demoing counsel to clear uping how to put the study boundary. In these rules, the study is emphasizes merely the positive facets and ensue the study instability. Besides that, the study is unable to supply comparison because the sustainability study is non covered in one-year study of 2006. However, the others factor is rather hearty because the sufficient information have provided.

On the other manus, portion two is finding the standard revelation by scheme and profile, direction attack, public presentation indexs (, 2011 ) . This portion is rather defeated because the sustainability study provided by Shangri La Hotel had non disclosed on it. First, the scheme and profile need the organisation to revelations that understanding organisational public presentation such as its scheme, profile, and administration. However, the study provided had non placing the linkage between the public presentation and its scheme or profile. Next will be the direction attack and public presentation indexs. The study of 2009 has provided deficient information to clear up this and barely to place the comparable information.

Due to the environmental and societal public presentation by Shangri La Hotel, they are supplying a merely quality study by covering the deepness and comprehensiveness of public presentation measuring. However, there are still some betterments have to be made in their study to guarantee that to make the quality study demand and heighten the study content.

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