The arrangements for providing quality care for looked after children and young people

“Outline the arrangements for providing quality care for looked after children and young people. ” Private (P2) Foster care is when a child is looked after by people who are not members of their own family. Most of the time the foster child will live with their foster carers full time but how long they are there for will depend on their own needs. Foster care is not permanent as if a foster child gets adopted by somebody else, then the leave foster care and go and life with their forever family.

Respite care attempts to keep families together by offering children a short break, or a regular series of breaks. This might be done to keep them from a difficult family environment or a problem which the child needs some support. It gives the parents a short break yet still allows the child to do more activities and get more social experience. Voluntary A youth club is a place which gives young people somewhere to go outside of school. The support and activities from club leaders allow young people to learn new skills and build confidence, as well as having fun along the way.

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Youth clubs are open to all young people. The NSPCC’s aim is to end cruelty to all children in the UK. They work to change the law, help provide helpline services and to offer advice for adults. There are over 40 service centres across the UK and each of these offer a mix of services, such as offering support to help parents and families care for their children. They also provide therapeutic assistance to help children move on from abuse.

They focus on seven key areas which are; neglected children, sexually abused children, physically abused children in high risk families, children under one, looked after children, children with disabilities and minority ethnic children. Statutory The NHS believe that good healthcare should be provided to everybody who needs it no matter how much or little money they have. All the treatment on the NHS is free to those that live in the UK however there are exceptions if you are over 18 then you have to pay for things like dentist and opticians appointments and certain prescriptions.

Nurseries provide children aged 1-5 with simple education to get them prepared before they start full time school. Children who go to nurseries have to chance to meet new children their age and they get to experience learning in a different place. Alongside learning, they have play activities and often quiet time to make them understand what school will be like. The classes are taught by qualified members of staff and teaching assistants. Most nurseries are available from September to around June to July time.

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