The between practical aspect and theory aspect

The Summer Training is an exercise carried out within a period of 30 days in the third year of an Undergraduate Programme. The exercise was established to bridge the gap between the industrial world and the academic world.


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The Summer Training is the skills training program, which form part of the approved minimum academic standard in the various degree program for all tertiary institution. It is the gap between practical aspect and theory aspect of either engineering and science technology and other professional educational programs in tertiary institution.


The objective of Summer Training is to enable every student who passed through university or other institution to acquire a practical knowledge of what he/she has learned. Therefore it is compulsory for every student to satisfy the requirement in his/her academic pursuit.


• To provide an avenue for students in the university to acquire industrial skill and experience in their course of study.
• To prepare students for the work situation they are likely to meet after graduation.
• To expose students to work methods and techniques in handling equipment and machinery that may not be available in the university.
• Provide student an opportunity to apply their bridging the gap between Higher Education and actual practice.
• Make transition from the university to the world of work easier and thus enhance students contact for later job placement after graduation.
• Enlist and strengthen employer’s involvement in the entire educational process of preparing university graduates for employment in industry.


During the course of this report, I will be explaining my position in each of the departments that I spent time in and I will be explaining in details what I learnt during my time there and how I was able to successfully complete the tasks that were given to me.

In each of the coming chapters, I will try my best to evenly distribute each of the chapters into three parts. One for each of the departments I worked in, because during my time in Dialogue Computer Institute, I had the privilege of allocating my time amongst three different departments. I spent 10 days in the Maintenance Department, I spent 15 days in the Networking Department and I spent 5 days in Web Technology (Web Design) Department.

During my 10 days in the Maintenance department, I was working closely with Mr. Auwal. I spent most of the day there Installing, Troubleshooting and reporting to any issues that employees or students faced with their computer, whether it was software, hardware or network issue.

After my stay in the Maintenance department, I was moved to the Networking department, under supervision of Mr. Umar, and it was there that I learned all about networking. I learned a lot about how computer networks work. So when the time comes for me to talk about my time in networking department, I will be explaining mostly what I learned from my instructor, Mr. Umar, and how I will be able to implement what I was taught in my everyday life.

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