The Childrens Characteristics In Learning Language Education Essay

Nedomova assumes that kids have their ain ways of thought and acquisition, which are wholly different from the ways in which grownups think and learn. There is no uncertainty that kids are less experient than grownups and their cognitive ability of abstract constructs has non been to the full developed. However, they have some certain features which make them learn faster than grownups do.

First of wholly, kids are originative. They are non merely originative with grammatical signifiers but constructs every bit good ( Halliwell, 1992 ) . Lightbown and Spada ( 1999 ) present an illustration in their book to exemplify the creative activity of kids as follows:

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Kyo: I ‘m hungry.

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Dad: We ‘ll hold some poppy seed staff of life in a small piece.

Kyo: No. I want it now.

Dad: We have to wait ’til it ‘s defrosted.

Kyo: But I like it frossed.

The kid in the illustration recognizes the prefix “ de- ” as contradicting the root word, so his version of the antonym of “ defrosted ” comes out as “ frossed ” . It seems that kids have the ability to pass on in malice of their comparatively limited vocabulary. Therefore, games can be instead utile and of import because they may maximise the usage of vocabulary and grammar of kids. Games help kids to be originative in the linguistic communication they learn, which of course leads to the development of their communicative accomplishments.

Another feature is that kids have the capacity of indirect larning. They can larn without being cognizant of it. Young scholars tend to retrieve the peripheral things go oning around the category better than what they are supposed to larn. One typical lesson frequently lasts for 40-45 proceedingss, nevertheless, most kids can merely to the full concentrate for 10-20 proceedingss before they start to acquire bored and tired. Therefore, games can be utilized as an appropriate method to promote kids ‘s aptitude for indirect acquisition. ( Nedomova, 2007 ) . For illustration, instructors may utilize the method of “ thinking ” to learn new phrases and constructions. Young scholars will concentrate on happen the right reply instead than what phrases and constructions needed to be learned. However, instructors can be satisfied because they notice that pupils can really utilize the grammatical points without troubles.

Last but non least, kids love speaking. This is considered as the most of import feature of kids to which instructors must pay attending ( Halliwell, 1992 ) . As we can see, one of the most common jobs in the schoolroom is that the pupils frequently talk to each other during our lessons. However, it can be a powerful incentive if instructors know how to get by with this state of affairs. Teachers should take appropriate activities to take advantage of this job. For illustration, instructors can form information spread activities in which the pupils have to speak to each other to happen the necessary information ; or promote them to state a narrative by holding them one by one return turns to do up a narrative. By making this, kids can develop non merely their communicative accomplishments but besides the ability to utilize phrases and grammatical constructions right.

Based on those above mentioned features, it can be concluded that utilizing games is a suited method for instructor to assist immature scholars know the regulations of English linguistic communication without holding to utilize complicated grammatical nomenclature, which are really hard for kids to understand.

The advantages of utilizing games in learning English grammar

It is undeniable that games may convey a figure of advantages in learning English grammar to immature scholars.

The first advantage is that games can increase pupils ‘ involvement and motive. In a typical grammar lesson, instructors merely follow the undertakings given in the book and pupils have to finish the undertakings in authorship and reading. Students may sometimes be thwarting because of a serious and hard-digesting grammar lesson. However, if instructors know how to utilize games to learn grammar, scholars may really larn while they are playing and they are willing to larn more. Avedon and Sutton-Smith ( 1971, p.28-29 ) believe that:

“ The chief ground why games are considered effectual acquisition AIDSs is that they spur motive and pupils get really absorbed in the competitory facets of the games ; furthermore, they try harder at games than in other classs. ”

Learners ‘ interaction may increase as games are frequently organized in brace work or group work. Harmonizing to Rinvoluci and Davis ( 1995 ) , games are first-class for advancing cooperation and common aid within pupils. The pupils must be engaged in the game and pass on more with their teammates so that they can crush other squads and go the victor. Tuan and Doan ( 2010 ) province that pupils may be more willing to inquire inquiries, to discourse and believe creatively about how to utilize English to accomplish the end. Therefore, the competition in games gives pupil a natural chance to work together and pass on in English with each other a batch.

Another benefit of games is that games promote active larning procedure of pupils. During a game, scholars frequently have to do declarations or determinations. It is stated in Yu ‘s thesis ( 2005 ) that rating, treatment, contemplation, and application all occur during playing games and all promote larning. Games allows the pupils to hold active control of the acquisition procedure and besides promote prompt feedback from their equals ( Allery, 2004 ) . Through active acquisition procedure, pupils can retain grammar regulations for a long clip as harmonizing to Holler ( traas cited in Yu, 2005 ) ) , utilizing games in grammar instruction are valuable tool for heightening acquisition. He states that we remember merely 10 % of what we read, 20 % of what we say, but 90 % of what we do. Therefore, games provide more chances for pupils to pattern in a meaningful lingual state of affairs. This contributes to greater keeping and more satisfactory acquisition results.

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