The Golden Age Is Not Behind Us But Before Us Essay

There is no state. race. credo or faith. where the thought of the Golden Age has non existed. The English people ascribe the features of a aureate age to the Age of Queen Elizabeth. the Gallic to the Age of Loius XIV. Greeks to the Age of Pericles. Romans to the Age of Augustus. Israelites to the Age of King Solomon. Indians to the Age of Guptas. and the Chinese to the Age of Ming. In the spiritual sense besides the thought of the Golden Age has been shared by the people of all credos. in some signifier or others. The Hindus speak of their Satyuga ; the Christians of their Millennium. the followings of the Prophet of Arabia look back to their period of dominance. when they had their imperiums far-flung in the East every bit good as in the West. in Europe every bit good as in Asia.

The Golden Age is nem con conceived to be a period of all-round flawlessness. of endless peace and plentifulness. advancement and prosperity. It is a clip of maximal crop. both rational and stuff. It is an epoch of great rousing. of glorification and sunlight. of huge birthrate and originality in all domains of human activity. It is a spring clip. as it were. when the originative activity of the human head finds its look in assorted signifiers. such as art and literature. scientific discipline and doctrine. civilization and civilisation.

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As depicted by Thomas More in his “Utopia” the Golden Age is the vision of an ideal State which is founded on perfect equality and autonomy. in which there is no spiritual intolerance. no differentiation between the rich and the hapless. no racial pride and haughtiness. no dictatorship. no subjugation. no development and no unfairness. Similarly. Shelley in his “Prometheus Unbound” pictures the adult male of the Golden Ages as “sceptreless. free. uncircumscribed. equal. unclassed. tribless and cosmopolitan” .

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“Hope springs ageless in the human chest

Man ne’er is but ever to be blest” .

Those who look for the Golden Age in future advocate the ideal of advancement. They believe that world has been processing on an ageless way of advancement. that the yesteryear was good. the present is better and the best is yet to be. This principal of advancement which includes a construct of the growing of civilisation in the yesteryear and a similar “upward development in the future” developed in 19th century and was a favorite credo with many a distinguished Victorian mind. such as Darwin. Hegal. Spencer. Tennyson. Browning and many others. Herbert Spencer declared that “progress is non an accident but a necessity. It is certain that adult male must go perfect” . Herschel claimed that “Man’s advancement towards a higher province need ne’er fear a cheque. but must go on till the really last being of history” .

But in the twentieth century. we come across many erudites who disapprove the thought of advancement. Bertrand Russel. Lious Fischer and many others of equal distinction conclude that neither there has been progress in the yesteryear. nor should we trust for advancement in the hereafter. Science and morality. art and literature. history and political relations all go to demo that advancement has been an illusive hope that has sustained world for coevalss but which finally proves simply a myth. a pure fiction.

The enormous promotion of applied scientific discipline. of great modern finds and innovations has no uncertainty. added to the stuff amenitiess and comfortss of life. but with the coming of technological promotions. they have brought inexorable complications to the modern adult male. such as the development of the hapless. the struggle of labor and capital. unhealthy sanitation. and so on. In the name of advancement we have devastated the peace and comeliness of the universe ; and hold established smoke-ridden metropoliss and soiled huts. rather off from the safe Eden of God Almighty.

In the field of political relations there has been more of diminution than advancement. Despite. our great self-praise of holding substituted absolutism with democracy. we have non been able to root out imperialism and colonialism to set up permanent world-peace. We have established the U. N. and for procuring cosmopolitan peace and harmoniousness but the two colliding political orientations of the modern universe. the Communist axis and the Capitalist block are postulating urgently for the command of the universe peace’ is still no better than a spasmodic glow. With the clouds of a Third World War garnering midst on our caputs. can we say that there is advancement. that the present is better than the past and that the best is yet to be?

In the field of literature and all right humanistic disciplines. we admit that great advancement was made in ancient times. but allow us non bury that the art and literature of old yearss was more or less a monopoly of upper and opinion categories. the common people staying non merely is nescient of them but wholly illiterate and uneducated. Today. it is really different. Education widespread and therefore art and literature have needfully become broad-based every bit good as democratic.

One can non deny that the present has many defects and our civilisation suffers from many ailments. but we hope that “somehow or other. good will be the concluding end of ill” . that with true federation of world established in the hereafter and a sufficient step of justness. societal and economic. and equality of chance obtained for all. there would be such a release of human energy for constructive intents that the Golden Age will go a world in the universe.

In the dark clouds enfolding the universe we already see a Ag liner. Men’s regard is turned towards the skyline of peace. harmoniousness and brotherhood. Humanity is fed up with wars and struggles and easy but steadily processing towards the Golden Age and recognizing its dream of flawlessness. Let us be. hence. optimistic like Shelley and sing:

“The world’s great age begins afresh.

The Golden old ages return.

The Earth doth like a serpent renew”

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