The Importance of Formal Education

Being in college does not just have to do with schooling but in fact living. The ability to live on my own while being given the responsibilities of college has extended my intellect and my abilities in life skills. Living with parents had its obvious perks – food, a roof over your head, and no worry of bills – and was given a very linear set of tasks to complete such as homework, laundry, and possibly a job or sports. While high school had its times where it was stressful, the jump from high school to college has given me a lot of insight as to what it meant to truly live on my own. As given the old responsibilities of high school and the added responsibilities of adulthood were added on as well. This included simple objectives like going to classes on my own and buying my own groceries but included harder things too such as paying bills and money management. And while my first year of living on my own in a dorm did Carnation 2 not have quite the intensity as living in a house does, the dorms set me up to be prepared for situations and take care of the task that was at hand. This meant having to communicate with those around me.

In college, interaction everyday with those around me is extremely important. This is because I communicate with everybody involved with me. This includes my searchers, friends, acquaintances, and even my parents; being able to communicate clearly and efficiently with those around me is an important key to success all of which college has helped to make easier. Before college I was a very assuming person. I assumed almost everything. Most times my assumptions were correct – the teacher knew that had a tournament, my friends knew I was gone, the school knew of my absence.

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This almost always had to do with school and when moved away to attend my first college year, realized that, if I was to succeed, most of that success would have to be through my communication. Unfortunately and fortunately for me, it took [only] a semester to figure that out. My classes were a disaster and that was due to that lack of communication. I never once took my own time to contact my professors. I assumed that they either knew or, if they didn’t know, would simply excuse me from whatever it was we were doing.

Not contacting my teachers when I had an important swim meet or, not turning in assignments early when I knew would be gone, all eventually led to my failure of my first semester. But as time went on, I learned that college aided me to communicate. This got me on a better basis with my professors. As time passes though, my life is given more opportunities to keep moving forward because of college now. Through higher education and Cutest, opportunities arise in the form of more education and even career.

We live in a world that, in order to get a high paying job or be successful, would most likely need to have a college education. It presents itself as credibility. Education serves its purpose too though. For me, college thus far has allowed me to get into other college such as Fresno State Carnation 3 university, receive job interviews for internships, all relating to my major of logy, at University California of Irvine at their bio labs, and has given me phone calls to play water polo for other colleges like Fresno Pacific University as well.

While being as successful as can be is an aspiration of mine, college helps to fuel that. It gives me a platform. College has already given me opportunities that could have only been attained through it. As I look at the future today, a lot of people take education for granted. And, while college is not for everyone, higher education through Cutest has done wonders within only two years and I expect more to come from it as well. While college ay not work like people will believe it to, I believe that you get out of it what you decide to put in to it.

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