The Importance of Racial Harmony Essay

Singapore is a bustling city. It is besides one of the world’s most comfortable states with strong international trading links and a per capita GDP comparable to that of the taking states of Western Europe. However. the state has besides suffered from a disruptive history. Hence. the authorities has taken several stairss to safeguard the present societal security and stableness of the state. One of the most indispensable stairss it has taken in guaranting societal order is racial and spiritual harmoniousness. Reasons as to why this is such a important measure include Singapore’s multiethnic society. its disruptive yesteryear and the legion ways in which harmoniousness is promoted throughout the state. To understand why racial and spiritual harmoniousness is so of import. 1 must foremost be familiar with the fact that Singapore is a multi-cultural. multi-racial and multi-religious thaw pot. Different cultural groups coexist in the land. and with these come a batch of different civilizations and faiths.

This multi-racial population makeup day of the months back to about two centuries ago. when Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore in 1819. Early immigrants of diverse backgrounds came from all over the universe. chiefly Malays. Arabs. Europeans. Indians and Chinese. They came in hunt of a better hereafter. and most did non mean to settle down. However. many could non afford to travel back to their fatherlands. alternatively settling down and going citizens of Singapore. As can be seen. the contemporary composing of Chinese. Malays. Indians and Eurasians has been here since British colonial times. Besides. our disruptive history is a clear testimony to the importance of racial and spiritual harmoniousness. In the yesteryear. when there was non harmony. many racial public violences broke out. claiming many lives and by and large cut downing the societal security felt in Singapore at that clip.

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One such illustration would be the Maria Hertogh public violences which started on 11 December 1950 and lasted for two yearss. go forthing 18 people killed and 173 injured. The public violence started due to outraged Moslems who resented the tribunal determination to give the detention of Maria Hertogh. to her biological Dutch Catholic parents after she had been raised as a Muslim under the attention of Aminah Binte Mohamed. This might hold been prevented had the authorities been more sensitive to the minorities. such as the Muslims.

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Another illustration would be the 21 July 1964 race public violences. in which 23 people lost their lives and 450 people were injured. It started when a group of Malays beat up a police officer and attacked Chinese looker-ons. Again. this calamity might hold been avoided had the people been more sensitive to those of other cultural groups. These illustrations show the harm which can be done to society as a whole if there is an absence of racial and spiritual harmoniousness. Therefore. this harmoniousness is indispensable in keeping societal order. There are many ways in which the Singapore authorities upholds racial and spiritual harmoniousness.

This chiefly comes in the signifier of guaranting equality amongst the different races and supplying chances for them to blend while observing their differences. To guarantee equality. the Singapore authorities has taken on a system of meritocracy. In this system. people are rewarded based on their personal accomplishments. with no respect to their ethnicity or background. In such a system. people of all races have equal chances to larn. accomplish and stand out. There are besides ample chances for the different races to blend. For illustration. most schools are racially integrated. The younger coevals starts interacting with members of different cultural groups at a stamp age. This will beef up their cultural ties in the hereafter.

Another illustration would be the HDB Ethnic Integration Policy implemented in 1989. The policy makes certain that there is a minimal per centum of each race life in every HDB block. This acts as a regulative tool in forestalling a deterioration of the cultural instability in public lodging estates and promotes racial integrating and coherence. As for observing the differences between each civilization. Racial Harmony Day is celebrated on 21 July yearly to mark the 1964 race public violences. In schools all across the state. this is celebrated with public presentations and games advancing cultural coherence. Students are besides encouraged to have on traditional costumes to school.

All these attempts made by the authorities reflect the importance of racial and spiritual harmoniousness in Singapore. In decision. Singapore has achieved societal security and stableness despite the fact that different cultural groups exist. However. the people can non afford to be self-satisfied and take this harmoniousness for granted. They must be continually reminded of the importance of racial and spiritual harmoniousness through public National Education and must besides pattern regard and tolerance for other cultural civilizations in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities.

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