The Importance of Social Networking Services for Students

Introduction The use of Social Networking Service (SNS) are popular among young people especially students. Most of the student nowadays, use a mobile phone that provides SNS. Although the use of SNS might abuse student but it also may influential to some benefits. Main ideas A. Communication tool between teachers and students. 1. Affect the ways in which learners involve with technology in common. a) Teachers and professors preparing everything from creating chat-room forums and groups, extending classroom discussion to posting assignments, test or quizzes online and assisting with homework outside of the classroom setting.

b) Allow students and teachers to make longer learning discussions outside the formal classroom environment. c) According to Notley (2009), they encourage deeper learning as young people involve with the material longer and include this method of learning in their everyday lives. B. SNS can ease learning and skill development outside formal learning setting. 1. The style of sharing and connection can help decrease the feelings of social isolation. a) Peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and the development of skills evaluate in the modern workplace.

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b) SNS and social media can enhance the interactions of marginalized young people with their teachers and increase their confident in educational activities. C. SNS is important in strengthening and developing interpersonal relationships. 1. Sharing written, visual or audio content on SNS that represents or portrays an individual or community experience, encourage people to be part of the group. a) Bukowski (2009) states that having positive interpersonal relationships is influential to the wellbeing of youngsters and can preserve them from many of the key stressors that are involved in the transformation from childhood to adulthood.

b) SNS use normally has been developed to strengthen young people’s existing interpersonal relationships. Conclusion As a conclusion, the use of SNS is important that may affect student’s life. References Ellison N. B. (2007) Benefits of social networking sites to youngsters. Retrieved from http://jcmc. indiana. edu/vol13/issue1/boyd. ellision. html Shih C. (2011) Types and uses of social networking sites. Retrieved from http://Amazon. com/Social Media and Social Network

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