The Maritime Education And Training Education Essay

E-learning systems have several names which fundamentally mean the same: Virtual Learning Environment, Learning Management System, Course Management System, Learning Content Management System ( LCMS ) , Managed Learning Environment ( MLE ) , Learning Support System ( LSS ) and Learning Platform ( LP ) . In Europe the term VLE is largely used, but in United States the term CMS is favored over others ( Kanninen, 2009 ) .

Today ‘s scholars can utilize some different ways to larn. One of them is engineering based environments is inclusive of utilizing of computing machines and Internet. Online acquisition is one of these type environments. An attractive side of online acquisition is that instruction service to come to the scholar itself and flexible use of it. In on-line acquisition, to execute effectual instructional design is being hard because of the scholars features that are related to larning are non being known. As a affair of fact, to convey into being of effectual acquisition for the scholars in online acquisition environments, demands and outlooks of the scholars that are in these environments are comprehended and development of convenient environments which are equal for different acquisition manners are required. Technology denseness environments cause a alteration of larning manners of the scholars and convey up a construct that is “ on-line acquisition manner ” to the docket ( DaAY & A ; Gecer, 2009 ) .

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In the literature, the account of the online acquisition has been used different nomenclatures. Because of this, makes it hard to develop a generic definition. Footings that are normally used include e-learning, Internet acquisition, distributed acquisition, networked acquisition, tele-learning, practical acquisition, computer-assisted acquisition, Web- based acquisition, and distance instruction ( Anderson & A ; Elloumi, 2004 ) . In the literature, there are many definitions which are reflect the diverseness of pattern and associated engineerings of online acquisition. For illustration, while some research workers define on-line acquisition as educational stuff that is presented on a computing machine, the others defines on-line direction as an advanced attack for presenting direction to a distant audience, utilizing the Web as the medium ( Anderson & A ; Elloumi, 2004 ) .

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Kanninen ( 2009 ) online acquisition is larning which takes topographic point in a web ; it could be the Internet or merely a school ‘s internal/closed cyberspace. Ally ( 2004 ) wrote that there are at least the 6 following equivalent word used for on-line acquisition: e-learning, Internet acquisition, distributed acquisition, networked acquisition, tele-learning, practical acquisition, computer-assisted acquisition, web-based acquisition, and distance acquisition. So it can be said that in online larning the scholar is at a distance from the coach or teacher and the scholar uses some signifier of engineering to entree the acquisition stuffs. ( Ally 2004 ) Online acquisition can be divided into three categories:

aˆ? Contact acquisition supported by the net

aˆ? Multiform acquisition in the net

aˆ? Self analyzing in the net

Online acquisition ( sometimes referred to as e-learning or distance acquisition ) . In this survey, online larning adopted the ASTD ( American Society for Training & A ; Development ) definition, which describes it as instruction which is facilitated and supported via information and communications engineering ( ICT ) . ASTD states that e- acquisition is:

A wide set of applications and procedures which include web-based acquisition, computer- based acquisition, practical schoolrooms, and digital media. Much of this is delivered via the Internet, intranet, sound and videotape, orbiter broadcast, synergistic Television, and CD- ROM. The definition of e-learning varies depending on the organisation and how it is used, but fundamentally it involves electronic agencies of communicating, instruction, and preparation ( Franetovic, 2011 ) .

McGill & A ; Hobbs ( 2007 ) mentioned that a practical acquisition environment ( VLE ) is an information system that facilitates e-learning. VLEs procedure, shop and disseminate educational stuff and support communicating associated with instruction and acquisition. Virtual acquisition environments ( VLEs ) are widespread in higher instruction today, typically used to present instructional stuffs and facilitate communicating within a class.

Briefly, we can specify on-line acquisition in this thesis as an attack to a TEL ( Technology Enhanced Learning ) , in a ego regulated method, which utilizes information and communicating engineering to maximise the acquisition and processing of the cognition in a VLE ( Virtual Learning Environment ) as a scholar centered educational model.

Our construct of instruction is that it should assist pupils to develop their personalities and to get by with the undertakings and challenges that arise from their environments. More officially, instruction should help immature people in developing meaningful ends and supply them with the cognition and accomplishments to accomplish these. To the extent that they manage to supervise and command the activities to make their ends, they are said to self-regulate these activities ( Steffens, 2006 ) .

The on-line environment calls for pupils to show self-regulated acquisition ( Ally, 2004 ) . Dabbagh ( 2007 ) characterized successful online scholars as those who exhibited autonomous acquisition accomplishments. Self-regulated acquisition has been framed in the on-line instruction context by Carson ( 2012 ) research as an active, constructive procedure whereby scholars set ends for their acquisition and so try to supervise, modulate and command their knowledge, motive and behaviour, guided and constrained by their ends and the contextual characteristics in their environments ( Bandura, 2001 ; Pintrich & A ; De Groot, 1990 ; Schunk, 2005 ; Zimmerman, 2002 ) . the procedures of self- ordinance as a mutual rhythm dwelling of premeditation, public presentation and self-reflection ( Figure 2-2 ) . Each of the stages consists of bomber procedures that play a greater or lesser portion in larning depending on the undertaking, the scholar, and the environment ( Carson, 2012 ) .

Figure ( 2-2 ) : Phases and sub procedures of self-regulation.

From Zimmerman, B. , & A ; Campillo, M. ( 2003 ) . Motivating self-regulated job convergent thinkers.

Manochehr ( 2006 ) has made a survey where he compared “ the effects on e-learning versus those on traditional instructor-based acquisition, on pupil acquisition, based on pupils larning manners ” . The consequence was that the acquisition manner in traditional acquisition was irrelevant but in e-learning it was really of import. The survey showed that scholars with an assimilating or meeting learning manner achieved better larning consequences in e-learning.

DaAY & A ; Gecer ( 2009 ) stated that recent developments of the online acquisition are besides related to Adaptive educational Hypermedia Systems ( AEHS ) . An AEHS purposes to construct a theoretical account of the ends, penchants and cognition of each scholar and utilize this theoretical account throughout the interaction with the leaner, in order to accommodate larning content to the demands of that scholar that is adapted specifically to the scholar ‘s ( Brusilovsky, 1996 ) . For illustration, in an AEHS, larning content cognition of the topic is given to the scholar. In add-on, AEHS can back up scholars in their pilotage by restricting shoping infinite, proposing most relevant links to follow, or supplying adaptative remarks to seeable links ( Brusilovsky, 2003 ) . AEHS researches are centered on larning manner based personalization researches ( Brown, 2006 ; Paredes & A ; Rodriguez, 2004 ; Piombo, Batatia & A ; Ayache, 2003 ; Graf, 2007 ) .

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