The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Education Essay

The learning diary provides a turning apprehension of a topic or experience and is “ to back up academic enquiry and to make a history of larning for pupils to research thoughts, ask inquiries and react personally to their experiences with contemplation ” ( Popp, 1997 ) . Daudelin ( 1996 ) states “ contemplation is the procedure of stepping back from an experience to chew over, carefully and persistently, its significance to the ego through the development of illations ; acquisition is the creative activity of intending from past or current events that serves as a usher for future behavior ” . This definition explicitly captures the relation of contemplation to acquisition and suggests that contemplation is built-in to larning when acquisition is defined as doing sense of past experience to understand and impact future experience.

Learning Style

Prior to an rating of my accomplishments development it is important to set up and reflect on my dominant learning manner. With the usage of Kolb ‘s et Al ( 1984 ) ‘Learning Style Inventory ‘ ( LSI ) and Myres-Briddgs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) theory I have been able to measure my aptitude and acquisition manners with the consequences illustrated in ‘Appendix 1 ‘ .

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Kolb ‘s ‘Learning Style Inventory ‘ illustrated in ‘figure 1 ‘ is designed to assist persons place the manner they learn from experience. Zanich ( 1991 ) states the Learning Style Inventory is “ a simple self-description trial, based on experiential acquisition theory, designed to mensurate your failings and strengths as a scholar ” .

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Beginning: Kolb et Al. ( 1984 )


The consequences of my LSI trial in ‘appendix 1 ‘ show that I have an orientation towards ‘Abstract Conceptualization ‘ . This suggests I am a ‘theorist ‘ and concentrate on logical analysis of thoughts and act on rational apprehension of a state of affairs. Kolb ( 1999 ) nevertheless goes on to state it is the combination of the consequences from the stock list that will depict an person ‘s learning manner most accurately. As shown in ‘figure 2 ‘ the combination of my consequences ( a high mark in AE and AC ) indicate I have a ‘converging ‘ learning manner.

Persons with a meeting acquisition manner are said to utilize their hypothetical-reasoning to work out a job and happen solutions to practical issues ( Syed-Khuzzan & A ; Goulding, 2009 ) . They besides like facts, working independently and will seek to do things efficient by doing little and careful alterations ( Kolb, 1979 ) . In add-on to this Tobei ( 2009 ) suggests that those with this manner “ learn through interaction and that computer-based acquisition is more effectual with them than other methods ” . This is accurate in its representation of my learning manner as my acquisition penchant is larning through contact and computing machines nevertheless preferring to work entirely in happening replies to solutions. Kolb ( 1984 ) states the strength of those with a meeting acquisition manner is that they think about things and so seek out their thoughts to see if they work in pattern. This is promoting as my grade of survey ( Economics Bsc ) is based on statistical theory and techniques for application in economic theory.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) was besides designed to measure personality types and interpersonal operation and has been normally usedA in finding acquisition manners ( Golay, 1982 ) . The consequences from my MBTI trial compliment my LSI mark. Myers ( 1990 ) suggest that those with the INTP acquisition manner are quiet, flexible, “ theoretical and interested more in thoughts than in societal interaction with the unusual ability to concentrate in deepness to work out jobs in their country of involvement ” and can frequently be doubting or critical. I am in understanding with both sets of consequences as I am more of a ‘thinking ‘ orientated scholar and prefer to work out jobs utilizing concluding and working independently. Both trials demoing a similar consequence and reading of my learning manner therefore it can be concluded that both are accurate.

Kolb et Al ( 1984 ) besides mentions that there are strengths and failings associated with each manner and that it may alter from clip to clip and state of affairs to state of affairs. This thought is supported in my LSI consequences where I have a high orientation towards an ‘Active Experiment ‘ ( AE ) manner nevertheless the mark of my ‘Reflective Observation ‘ ( RO ) and ‘Concrete experience ‘ ( CE ) manner penchant have small difference between them. This suggests that although I prefer ‘thinking ‘ and ‘doing ‘ I am willing to follow and accommodate my larning manner to include ‘watching ‘ and ‘feeling ‘ . Kolb high spots that people who prefer a learning manner will be given to larn more efficaciously if acquisition is orientated harmonizing to their penchant nevertheless besides acknowledges that restricting pupils to larning in one preferable manner tends to “ forestall them from developing their full acquisition potency ” and that it is more effectual to plan a course of study prosecuting scholars of every acquisition manner ( Delahoussaye, 2002 ) .

Many surveies have highlighted the utility of finding larning manners with regard to single development and as I will be establishing my acquisition development on my determined learning manner there is a demand to be cognizant of the unfavorable judgments of such theories. An non-peer-reviewed literature reappraisal critiques Kolb ‘s acquisition manner stock list and other larning manner theoretical accounts by challenging their dependability saying there is “ no grounds that ‘matching ‘ improves academic public presentation in farther instruction ” ( Coddielt et al, 2004 ) and Kolb ( 1984 ) himself admits that LSI is non unequivocal or ever accurate. Learning manners can nevertheless be really utile to pupils to derive self-awareness ( Evans et al, 1998 ) and I and many other pupils feel that this is true.

Skills Development

My 2nd twelvemonth at university has been peculiarly one of contemplation and development as I have become more self-conscious about my strengths and failings. I have chosen to measure with the application of larning theory my development within the undergraduate programme, how I am nearing the approaching assessment period and the accomplishments I feel are most of import for a successful calling after graduation from university. Throughout my accomplishments development I have used Kolb ‘s Learning Cycle theory ( illustrated in ‘figure 3 ‘ ) which I learnt about in my first twelvemonth at university. Kolb ‘s acquisition rhythm has enabled me highlight and address my failings while bettering my accomplishments.

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