Chapter 1
IntroductionBackground of the Study
Education plays a vital role to a productive life. Investing in education brings benefits to both the individual and the society as a whole. Education, or the transmission, acquisition creation and adaptation of information, knowledge, skills and values is key lever of sustainable development (UNESCO 2012/3). This reduces poverty in myriad of ways because a highly educated labour force stimulates economic growth. Education has the power to transform human life (UNESCO, 2013/4). It helps every individual to improve how to think, how to do, what to do, why to do and enable people to know the world beyond their own surroundings. Today’s generation where continuous advancement in technology is inevitable, education is an essential driver for this developments and modernization.
Over the years in the Philippine Government, the Department of Education (Dep-Ed) gets the biggest share of the budget allocated to executive departments. The Dep-Ed received the largest increase for the 2017 National Budget from P 433.3 billion in 2016 to P 568.4 billion in 2017 or a growth rate of 31.1% (Peoples Budget 2017, 18). This only shows that our government prioritizes the provision of more opportunities for the public access of quality education.

To generate sustainable, large-scale improvements in education systems, governments must be able to plan for and manage school enrolments, assign teachers to areas where they are most needed, promote the use of relevant up-to-date curricula and materials, and facilitates pathways between the different levels and setting of education. Improving their capacity to do all this will ensure that education systems respond to the real needs of the society (UNESCO and Education, 2011/20). Financial resources should be utilized and managed well to ensure the best outcome in pursuing the strategic educational goals.

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1.2 Statement of the Problem

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