The Role of the Early Years Professional Essay Sample

The purpose of this assignment is to explicate how the function of the Early Years Professional ( EYP ) has developed. analysis the function and place any considerations and challenges that arise when working within the Early Old ages sector. which will include multi-disciplinary squads and partnership with parents. The assignment will besides include a personal development program which I have devised after reflecting on my ain function and placing countries for ego development and associating it to the purposes of my work scene.

The EYP must be a brooding practician with a clear apprehension of how pattern should be lead and have high outlooks of all children’s accomplishments. They lead and help other practicians to set up appropriate environments and modus operandis and how observations can be used to supervise children’s advancement and development. which will enable them to be after for patterned advance. They will show effectual pattern by advancing positive behavior. children’s rights. equality and inclusion. The EYP will demo how to work skillfully with others by being a good hearer and being able to tune into co-workers concerns and concerns. It is of import that the EYP uses schemes to animate and negociate alterations in a positive manner by guaranting co-workers feel portion of the alteration instead than something that is being forced upon them. The function of the EYP has evolved through the sweetening of the Early Years as an of import phase of instruction. acquisition and development. alterations in statute law and support enterprises.

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As the Laming study ( 2003 ) revealed that the deficiency of communicating between bureaus was a major defect within the system. it is of import that EYPs need to construct working relationships with professionals in other sectors such as wellness. instruction and societal services to guarantee kids are safeguarded and to assist them make their full potency.

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After the authorities took audience with Early Old ages stakeholders in 2006. the Children’s Workforce Strategy ( DFES. 2006 ) reported that there was extended support for the new function of EYP. Their purpose was to develop a universe category professional work force by developing the function of the EYP and. “aims to hold EYPS in all children’s Centres by 2010 and in every full twenty-four hours care puting by 2015. ” ( CWDC. 2006:5 ) The CWDC provinces that the EYP position is a response to the general under-qualification of the Early Years work force and. “aims to better the lives of kids and immature people by guaranting that the people working with kids have the best possible preparation. makings. support and advice. ” ( CWDC. 2006 )

The EYP must be a brooding practician with a clear apprehension of how pattern will be lead.

EYPs are required to take pattern across the full age-range from birth to the terminal of the Early Years Foundation Stage. ( EYFS. 2006 ) Therefore.

The preparation and support of co-workers in the bringing of the Early Years Foundation phase is the cardinal function of an EYP. EYPs must hold a on the job cognition of the EYFS and possess leading accomplishments that facilitate the taking and back uping of co-workers in its execution. ” ( Colloby. 2008:15 )

Some private twenty-four hours care puting directors have shown concerns of being able to retain their practicians once they gain the EYP position. As Moss inquiries if increasing Numberss of adult females become better educated and have wider employment chances. will they wish to go on working in low-paid businesss associated with this sector? ( 2003 ) Moss predicts a crisis when the sector losingss it’s most gifted and experient practicians. However. the Department for Education and accomplishments takes a different position and provinces that the position. “Would be a badge of professional excellence and can move as a springboard for those who want to come on towards qualified instructor position. ” ( DFES. 2001c ) . By being a brooding practician that can take. inspire. support and wise man others to “ensure that every kid has the best possible start in life. ” ( DCSF. 2007 )

“EYP are accelerators for alteration and invention. ” ( CWDC. 2006: 5 )

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