The Role Of The Environment In Learning Education Essay


Factors that influence the ability of scholars to absorb cognition have been widely studied. Factors impacting the larning ability of pupils include internal factors such as attitude, or environmental factors. Environmental factors can be defined merely as the external physical and non-physical features that surround the scholar. Environmental factors can easy impact the psychological province of the scholar and therefore the ability of the scholar to absorb cognition.

Environmental Factors Affecting Learning

An active acquisition environment that encourages pupil engagement allows pupils to larn easy and to absorb much more cognition. Involving pupils in the acquisition procedure by discoursing how they want to larn, promoting arguments, and treatments on the capable affair have been pointed out by instructors as some of the ways they encourage larning. Students are bound to larn more if they view the topic affair as interesting and something more, beyond merely classwork. Participatory environments besides encourage peer direction, where pupils can easy place who in the category needs more aid in larning the capable affair and delegate another pupil to assist them. Through category engagement pupils are able to spread out their cognition beyond books to life in general, and use what they have learned in category to their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities.

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The relationship of a pupil and a instructor is possibly one of the most cardinal in act uponing the ability of the pupil to larn. Positive teacher pupil relationships are based on common regard and unfastened support. The bond created between the instructor and the pupil is aimed at emotional support for academic excellence. Students who have positive relationships with their instructors put in more attempt in school because they are seeking to affect their instructors and do non desire to experience that they have let them down. Students ‘ larning in such conditions of positive societal and emotional environments exhibit fewer hazard behaviours and overall more positive wellbeing and academic public presentation ( Bonny et al. , 2000 ; Nutbeam et al. , 1993 ; Havlinova & A ; Scheidrova, 1995 ; Blum McNeely & A ; Rinehart, 2002 ) . Negative relationships on the other manus, create an environment in which the pupil can non larn.

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Teachers and parents are spouses in educating kids. The cooperation between them significantly increases the ability of the pupil to execute. Teacher parent conferences allow both the instructor and the parent to research factors that they can alter or heighten to better the pupil ‘s ability to larn. It has been noted that kids whose parents are actively involved in their acquisition experience and those who interact with the instructors on a periodical footing perform much better than pupils whose parents take a back place when it comes to the school affairs. This sort of relationship frequently leads to train scholars and allows the parent, the instructor and the pupil to chart a program that will increase the pupil ‘s ability to larn and better their public presentation.

Teachers need to put up and environment in which they can discourse with the pupil their personal outlooks for themselves. This is because a pupil with high outlooks for themselves will be given to work towards his ends more fierily than a pupil who has no ends. For illustration a pupil who has the outlooks to go to an ivy conference college will larn more than a pupil whose community and instructors have small or no outlook for.

A pupil ‘s day-to-day modus operandi will besides impact the ability of the pupil to larn. A pupil, who wakes up to analyze, prosecute with friends and has few jobs to assist in the house, will be more watchful and ready to larn. Children who come from kid headed households where the parents are either absent or unable to carry through their responsibilities are largely excessively tired and miss the watchfulness required to larn. Some kids wake up early and kip tardily, finishing jobs around the place and taking attention of their siblings, and sometimes even the parents. Teachers find that these pupils are less watchful and their public presentation is pathetic compared to those whose lone undertaking is to larn. These pupils may hold been good performing artists in the yesteryear but their ability to absorb cognition has been hampered by the factors in their place environment.

A pupil ‘s place life is the really foundation in which acquisition begins, and has the biggest impact. Armstrong ( 1998 ) noted that “ If pedagogues could spread out their schoolrooms to the size of each pupil ‘s vicinity and clasp categories 24 hours a twenty-four hours, they still would non hold the impact on larning ability that a place does because of the all important emotional bond between parent and kid formed from the earliest minutes of life ” ( p. 29 ) . There are many factors that derive from the place that affect the pupil ‘s ability to larn. These factors can hold both a positive and, or a negative consequence. They include, but are non limited to, being exposed to poorness, intoxicant and drug usage, depression, anxiousness, and the media. Surveies have shown that parents who display a positive attitude and supply a stimulating ambiance for their kids are more likely to win than those exposed to negative influence.


The place and school environment both play an of import function in finding a pupil ‘s ability to larn. A pupil ‘s environment should be learner focussed both at place and at school. Ultimately, the environment should be geared to assisting the pupil learn and accomplish a degree of success that is productive to society.

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