The SEAL Program in Education

Following the execution of a pilot strategy under taken by 6 Local governments in order to determine its effectivity within schools, a primary school programme to develop Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning ( SEAL ) , was rolled out nationally by the so Department for Children, Schools and Families as portion of a national voluntary programme designed to develop the societal and emotional accomplishments of all students.

The purposes of the programme are, utilizing a whole-school attack, to complement, consolidate and strengthen good pattern in the school and reenforce links between emotional well-being and effectual acquisition.

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A multi-agency attack encourages a partnership between local authorization advisers and schools, pulling together forces including: –

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educational psychologists

behaviour support squads

emotional wellness and well-being advisers

staff from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services ( CAMHS )

The SEAL programme has recognised stuffs that support the SEAL programme which have been mostly developed by the National Strategies and can be used in assortment of ways to back up the development of students.

The support stuffs are aligned with other National Curriculum stuffs and the National Curriculum programmes of survey.

The five spheres of societal, emotional and behavioral accomplishments identified in the SEAL programme are:


pull offing feelings



societal accomplishments.

As a consequence of continued professional development ( CPD ) , instructors are able to utilize direct and focused larning chances in little groups and in whole-class state of affairss across the course of study, and outside formal lessons to enable kids to develop good societal and emotional accomplishments. These accomplishments are important in assisting students to take more control of their lives ; leting them to do good and permanent friendly relationships, work in squads, work out jobs, trade with struggle, manage strong feelings, to be calmer and optimistic, retrieve from reverses, compete reasonably, regard others ‘ rights and value diverseness.

The SEAL programme in operation at Berridge

SEALs permeates all facets of school life at Berridge where the execution of societal, emotional and behavioral accomplishments can be seen at every degree, non merely in the nucleus and foundation topics of the National Curriculum.

In my clip at Berridge, the high outlooks the staff and extra staff have of the kids is really apparent. Children are systematically encouraged to: –

pull off their ain acquisition more

non be afraid to acquire things incorrect

buttocks themselves and their equals with assurance

manage emotions fruitfully

speech production and hearing as portion of their formal lessons

Although the Berridge School does non utilize any official National Strategies stuffs to implement their PHSE course of study, the school works really difficult to promote and foster the societal and emotional facets of its kids, with high-profile nines, strategies, wagess and even effects for unacceptable behavior, including: –

Mrs J Youl – designated PHSE co-ordinator.

School Council. One kid is democratically elected per category to stand for their equals. School Council meets one time per two weeks with the aim of raising and voting on school issues put frontward by their by their category. The Head instructor is updated on the chief issues.

PHSE during formal lessons/open discussions/role-play ; including strong-arming consciousness hebdomad ( stating no to strong-arming ) , confronting alterations and new beginnings, acquiring on and falling out, good to be me, accomplishing ends.

Sexual activity, relationships, drugs consciousness ( D.A.R.E programme ) and life accomplishments class specifically for twelvemonth 6.

Family Mentor ; bridging the spread between place and school and beef uping parent ‘s battle with the school. ( Adult larning besides offered ) .

Resort area proctors. Students must use by missive and if accepted on the strategy will finish a 6 hr preparation session in resort area issues consciousness.

Eco Team.

Whole-school ethos of school one of lovingness and equity.

Whole-school clear subject and wages system, giving a good grade of security through consistence.

‘Healthy School ‘ position. All school repasts abide by healthy eating ethos.

Breakfast Club for kids with breakfast-time proviso issues.

After School Club and Holiday Childcare for kids with after school and holiday proviso issues.

‘Fine Diners ‘ . Seven kids ( ‘The Magnificent Seven ‘ ) , are chosen hebdomadally for their good behavior and good manners by the lunch-time staff, to dine at the Head Teacher ‘s tabular array.

‘Spotted ‘ . Childs are spotted by the lunch-time staff for their good behavior in the resort area. The category with the most patched kids is rewarded a certification during ‘Honours Assembly ‘ .

Honours Book. A little group of kids from each category are chosen by their instructor to observe their positive part ( work ethic/achievement or behavior ) to the school. This part is recognised by the whole school and applauded during Honours Assembly.

Honours Assembly. Taken hebdomadal by the Head Teacher to observe positive behavior in the school.

Children rewarded with badges for consistent attending.

Entree to extra curricular subjects/activities for illustration, Spanish, choir, Year 4 given chance to larn cornet, assorted athleticss activities, prep nine for Year 6, one-year Residential trip for Year 5/6.

With accent on the above PHSE commissariats, Berridge kids are perceptibly happy and well behaved. The kids are equipped with cognition, apprehension, attitudes and practical accomplishments to populate healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled, capable and responsible lives. It encourages them to be enterprising and supports them in doing effectual passages, positive acquisition and possible calling picks and in pull offing their fundss efficaciously. PSHE instruction besides enables the kids to reflect on and clear up their ain values and attitudes, and research the composite and sometimes conflicting scope of values and attitudes they may meet now and in the hereafter.

The ECM results are: be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, do a positive part and accomplish economic well-being.

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