The Taj Mahal Essay Sample

For many old ages. the Taj Mahal has inspired many people. It was one of the most speckless architectural creative activities of the universe. It has drawn people from all walks of life to witness this ultimate commemoration and few have been unmoved by its odd beauty. Not merely was the Taj Mahal a symbol of Shah Jahan’s love for his married woman. it besides encompassed a design combing different civilizations and was built with a edification unknown to the period.

Irani for Crown and castle. the Taj Mahal was built for the married woman of Shah Jahan to memoralize her. Jahan’s married woman. Mumtaz Mahal. translate as First Lady of the Palace. died after the birth of her 14th kid. The Taj Mahal stands in the metropolis of Agra. India. located in the northern province of Uttar Pradesh on the Bankss of the Yamuna River. The design of the Taj Mahal was a combination of Islamic. Persian. Hindu and earlier Mughal architecture. Hindu craftsman. sculpturers and stonecutters were involved in making the Taj.

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The Rivers of France

France has several major rivers. Four of these great rivers lie wholly within Gallic district. An extended web of connects these major rivers with each other and with other river and canal systems. The rivers in France are largely used for touristry and trade. One of the major ports in France is Le Havre at the oral cavity of the Seine on the English Channel. The rivers in France are really of import to the country’s economic system. These rivers are besides of import to go in and out of France. The Seine. in northern France. drains much of the Paris Basin and flows northwest into the Atlantic Ocean. The Seine’s even flow is good suited for pilotage. The river is an of import H2O path to and from Paris. The Seine has been of great importance since Roman times. and is linked by canals to the Loire. Rhine. and Rhone rivers. Downstream from Paris are industrial workss and crude oil refineries.


Populating in Sydney. a wise friend one time told me. is like dating a supermodel: It’s edge to do everyone covetous. And so it has. Ever since I made the “Emerald City” my adopted place. sing friends—seduced by the positions. the beaches. and the weather—sooner or subsequently get down wistfully inquiring about their ain opportunities of going occupants. To soften their enviousness. I point out that they’d finally tyre of the easy life and the “tyranny of distance. ” As we stroll the fern Grovess pullulating with colourful parrots. or dine on the border of the scintillating seaport. they nod unconvincingly and size me up for marks of insolation.

Truth be told. even I question my ain statements against Sydney. What’s non to wish about a metropolis where you can acquire around by ferry. eat out-of-doorss about year-round. and play at any figure of pristine beaches? An foreigner could be forgiven for believing that Sydneysiders are perpetually on holiday. Heck. the locals themselves feel that manner much of the clip. And being so far removed from the “action” is frequently more blessing than expletive: While other first metropoliss are frantic. in Sydney. when the surf’s up. and the conditions prognosis is for another typically all right twenty-four hours. no 1 bothers to acquire stressed out.

At the same clip. Australia’s largest city has besides grown worldlier. An inflow of immigrants late last century has pumped new verve into this metropolis of 4. 3 million. Sydney now boasts a widely distributed mix of cafes. culinary arts. and civilizations. and several beautifully revamped harborside precincts. Yet. as an Azerbaijan-born cab driver late put it. despite its new world-class position. Sydney retains the loosen uping air of a “large state town. ”

I’ve learned to believe of Sydney as a field day: I may non desire to pass my life in this cheery antipodal treasure. but it certain makes for a pleasant interlude.

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