The Teacher as a Hero Essay

Thymine here are heroes and heroes. national and local. Some of them are born. others are made. Many are still populating while many others have long been gone. It is to the latter that memorials and museums were built to maintain alive their memory in our Black Marias and head. Public edifices. Parkss and place. streets and a few states have been named after them. Important day of the months and events are normally marked ruddy in the calendar to remind us of their birth or decease day of remembrance. During the jubilation of these events. plan talkers take bends lauding to high celestial spheres whatever good they had done for the state.

Sad plenty the hero who is seemingly taken for granted and hence unsung is the hapless instructor. Not holding a pedigreed name. she has no influence. no power. She is regarded as belonging to the marginalized sector of society. Tactless people look down on her with disdain stating. “She’s merely a instructor. ” After all. unlike OFWs. instructors do non lend to the national economic system. What many do non look to recognize is that a instructor is genuinely a hero in her ain manner. For a instructor is non merely about her lesson programs. her learning methods. schemes and techniques. A instructor is besides about her personal character. her values and her attitude.

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And more significantly a instructor is besides about her missional work which entails a great trade of forfeit on her portion and her household. Indeed. the pro-bono services that she renders involve legion hazards to life and limb. We have heard of instructors who were kidnapped for ransom. forced into matrimony under hurting of bodily injury. physically abused and the unfortunate. even beheaded. I remember a male instructor who reprimanded a pupil for arousing problem in category. That afternoon the huffy male parent with fire in his eyes sought the instructor in school and pitilessly hacked him to decease.

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I had a relation who was summoned to the Comelec office in Manila and made to explicate her oversight to stick on her signature on a brace of election signifiers. The financially hard-pressed instructor was forced to take a long-run loan which she used to pay for her transit menu. board and lodging while in Manila. In the interim her household had to be saving and economical in order to surge them over until such period that the loan was to the full paid. While other authorities employees are off after five. the instructor spends long hours of work at place composing lesson programs. look intoing trial documents or fixing ocular AIDSs and similar instruction devices.

Compared to those who work in the comfort of their office. 1000s of our instructors go on long hours of journey to their widespread Stationss over hill and dale. many times in rough conditions status. It is no admiration that many of these instructors become creaky long before their age or they get pitifully ill before retirement from the service. And yet their take-home wage is a mere pittance. Any addition in their famishment wage comes far isolated and in drips because this is dependent upon the members of Congress who remember the instructors merely on election clip.

Come May of following twelvemonth instructors will once more be called upon to adult male the electoral bulwarks of our democracy. They will be at that place to assist safeguard the holiness of the ballot. armed merely with the aristocracy and unity of their profession. Whatever people say to the contrary. the instructor as a hero is ready to put down her life for the interest of state sans a loud flourish of huntsman’s horns. I salute our instructors as heroes. life or dead! ANTONIO A. MORAN of Camalig. Albay is a retired general instruction supervisor of the Department of Education.

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