The Woman Who Had Two Navels

The summary of the The woman who had two navels the Spanish colonial period and the diverse heritage of the Filipino people. Often he deals with the coexistence of ‘primitive’ and ‘civilized’ dimensions inside the human psyche. In his short story ‘The Summer Solstice,’ set in the 1850s, Joaquin portrayed the collision between instincts and refined culture.

Dona Lupeng first rejects ancient beliefs, but under the spell of the moon, she becomes possessed by the spirit of the Tad tarin cult – she does not want to be loved and respected anymore but adored as the embodiment of the matriarchal powers. Poet, fictionist, essayist, biographer, playwright, and National Artist, decided to quit after three years of secondary education at the Mapa High School. Classroom work simply bored him. He thought his teachers didn’t know enough.

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He discovered that he could learn more by reading books on his own, and his father’s library had many of the books he cared to read. – usually removed when a person is born. But it is not possible because if a person has two umbilical cords, he is a preternatural being – a mutant. Connie, pretending that she has two navels may refer to the “rebirths” that she underwent. The first rebirth was escaping from her mother’s evil clutches since she was an unwanted child – always ostracized and continuously suffered from the ghosts of the past that haunted her.

Let us not also forget her inability to deal with her life due to parental constrictions and the love affair of her husband Macho and her mother that made her feel miserable at some points in her life. The second rebirth refers to her awakening, herself realization and emancipation as a woman. She learned to face reality and accepted the truth. In my point of view, her reason why she pretended to have two navels is that she wanted to forget everything about her, to be different so that another personality will reside and dwell on her.

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