Theoretical Framework of Sex Education Essay

The young person ( 15-24 old ages ) is a phase in the life rhythm of a human being which is most vulnerable to the influences of socialising agents. Although modern psychologists underscore the importance of early childhood socialisation in the ulterior development of the human personality ( Freud. 1939 ) . societal psychologists maintain that the ego and hence. personality is a societal merchandise ( Cooley. 1902 ; Mead. 1934 ) .

Social psychologists like Piaget ( 1969 ) . establishing his theory of cognitive development on his experiments with kids. asserts that an single base on ballss through phases of cognitive development as one matures. He maintains that such cognitive development is achieved through interaction with the environment. Piaget farther asserts that the content of what is learned at each phase of the development procedure depends mostly on civilization frequently defined as a people’s manner of life.

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Adolescence is the last phase before adulthood. Harmonizing to Piaget. it is at this phase that persons are able to accomplish formal abstract thought. can believe in footings of theories and hypotheses. can pull strings constructs such as those of mathematics or morality. and can believe about personal ends and even ideal societal conditions – – a capacity that is frequently expressed in the idealism of the young person.

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Therefore the features of the young person today mostly reflect their acquisitions from early childhood and young person socialisation processes which they received from socialising bureaus foremost and foremost of which is the household. and those from the school. the equal group. and aggregate media. These societal establishments exist in concrete socio-economic ( e. g. societal category ) . political ( e. g. signifier of authorities ) . and demographic constructions which affect their functions as socialising agents.

A well-balanced. responsible and knowing young person is the end of any society since the functions they play as grownups of the following coevals will find the development of that society. Yet. many mistakenly conclude that these socialising agents are entirely responsible for what the young person are today. Indeed. the major determinations that striplings take sing calling and functions in life are capable to two degrees of influences:

( 1 ) the macro structural environment as conditioned by the socio-economic and demographic onditions. which in bend. is a manifestation of the major determinations in the local political economic system. and ( 2 ) the influences of the societal establishments most significantly those coming from the place and the school ( Raymundo. et. Al. 1999 ) . In the face of these influences. striplings manifest their responses. besides in two degrees: ( 1 ) internalized values. attitudes and beliefs about himself/herself and his/her function in society. and ( 2 ) behavioural manifestations in more big functions and maps such as school public presentation. engagement in the work market. and sexual and generative behaviour.

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