There is a plethora of fields …

There is a plethora of fields that make up the business industry but what drew me to marketing specifically, washow the success of a brand is influenced by the innovation of an idea to promote a product. This is why i believe marketing can be defined simply as ‘the art of selling products’.However, it was after volunteering at the local Oxfam charity did i begin to be aware of marketing as a field in the business industry. My time at the charity shop was spent producing surveys for customer feedback and making displays to attract more people into the shop. I also priced items depending on their value and helped run their online store by taking photos of each item and writing descriptions with organic keywords. This i learned was a form of search engine optimization (SEO) and is a popular marketing content strategy for many companies in the digital world.Taking up a class in media refined my natural interests in creative arts and writing. the main project,where i had to make a magazine of a subject of my choice, allowed me to use my aesthetic flair by structuring the design of my magazine and producing photographic visuals. Throughout the project i had to explain each choice and how it stimulated the interest of my demographic audience. A level english has helped me to hone my written and verbal communication while prioritizing an eye for originality in every task. I also explore my artistic and writing abilities beyond that of school by taking part in local and regional competitions,such as the ‘Inner Voices’ young poets anthology contest as well as individual drawing and writing projects. I believe that the creativity that i adopt will be a relevant skill to take advantage of because in marketing the development of imaginative ideas seperate the success of one company from another.A-level Biology has taught me to adopt a curious and explorative approach at hand. This is why attending a Ted talk called ‘spirit of discovery’ allowed me to delve into the notion of sustainable marketing through social campaigns that promoted the exposure of social issues such as women inequality and child abuse. The purpose of this, as explained by Eloise Malone, is to advocate a positive impact in society whilst also being a useful device to gain exposure for a brand or company. the campaign ‘LikeAGirl’ is a known example of this which i believe underpins the central objective through marketing influence.Completing a work placement at the Simply Counselling Centre has made me understand the influence of marketing in not only in the business industry but in all areas. I was able to conduct market research into their social media and suggest ideas in how they can use advertising to make people aware of mental health issues.i thoroughly enjoyed the experience and decided to explore online where i was fortunate to come into contact with a society called ASIP who i collaborated with to produce a marketing plan for their websites. Through my understanding of digital strategies and website analytics i was able to create a document that detailed an action plan to promote their aims, taking into consideration the ‘7Ps of the marketing mix’ by Emma bridgewater in the volume X of the Business Review. The article stated the seven main factors that initiate successful marketing in a business such as location, product, price etc. To broaden my knowledge and understanding of this field i undertook an open university short course on 21st century Marketing.The section of the course which i was most interested in was how big brands successfully advanced without challenging business ethics. This led me to build my EPQ on the question of ‘how brand image is affected by unethical behaviour and how they apply marketing to restore their status?’. It was interesting researching into case studies of some iconic brands such as Google and Apple. The influx of opportunities means that a good work ethic is needed in the industry to reach career horizons this is why the diligence and determination that i have adopted from my time at sixth form has taught me to face challenging impediments that i believe are valuable skills which are transferable for my future endeavors. Exploring further into this field i find that my interests lie in digital marketing and hope to pursue a career in this area. I believe university will be advantageous to my pursuits as it will sharpen my skills and advanced knowledge to work in the industry with confidence.

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