Throughout the centuries archi…

Throughout the centuries architects have designed building which are perceived as cultural symbol. Western architecture was about making the building appealing with decorations which won’t necessary whereas japanese architecture focus on being structurally beautiful.Frank Lloyd Wright has taken the influence of Japanese architecture and designed building which are comfortable and clean using natural material with layout that linked together to suit the environment. Today we see a little of frank lloyd wright in these modern houses for example the low pitched roofs, cantilever and bring out the nature of the material which integrates with the geographies and landscapes.In my design I was influenced by frank lloyd wright use of materiality, layout and designing the building to suit the environment so I pursue to integrate his ideas in my design..The material that I intend to use is wood. I choice wood because it is universal material and because of its functionality and beauty that it exprecess. By not painting or coating the wood it was a way Japan appreciated the natural grain (papaerap). This inspired frank lloyd wright to use natural materials to bring harmony between the house and the surrounding. Frank used a combination wood and brick masonry. Using these materials in a consistent way his goal was to achieved repose and simplicity.This is also known as organic architecture which frank was known as the father of this style.The use of organic materials are mostly expressed in his fallingwater design.this design shows clearly that mankind can live in harmony with the environment .I was interested in how frank open plan allowed an easy flow between the interior and the exterior.This idea of easy flow allowed the exterior to be connected with the interior as one. The idea of merging one is influenced by the japanese architecture which has wall that are light and movable so that a space which had one identity of its own would become as a whole. Frank applied this rule by removing an internal wall so there is an easy flow. An example of a project that frank build with a small budget was the jacob house 1936-39. This design expresses the connection between the living and the garden as one by having multiple hinge doors replacing a wall. My concept has also been inspired by this idea of easy flow and circulation by having unnecessary internal and external walls out and having bi folding doors to the backyard. The interior space took a closer relationship to the landscape so this idea of limited difference between interior and exterior vanished (Brooks Pfeiffer,B,2004).When arranging the the spaces in the house he considered noise affecting the way the client would live. Found that he can make the area that require to be quite could be placed on one wing or way from the traffic.Frank Lloyd Wright balances the design with the environment by allowing it to seem like its appearing to grow from the site and harmonie with its surrounding. He incorporated japanese idea of gentle sloping roof, low propation with the ground,shelter overhang and extended horizontal lines. The overhanging eaves protected the opening window from the sun and wind.

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