Training and Developing Employees

An off-the-job management development technique that involves presenting a trainee with a written description of an organizational problem is called a(n): a. action learning program. b. case study method. c. management game. d. coaching/understudy approach. 47. The following are features in the case study method, except: a. faculty providing the correct answer so students understand the case. b. the use of actual organizational problems. c. participants stating their views and inquiring into others’ views. d. a minimal involvement by the faculty member. 3. A prospective division manager with a gap in experience with financial controls might sign up for a two-course sequence in: a. production control. b. managerial accounting. c. operational processes. d. managerial control. 55. A training program in which trainees are first shown good management techniques (in a film), are then asked to play roles in a simulated situation and are given feedback and praise by their supervisor is called: a. behavior modeling. b. role-playing. c. good example training. d. case study method. 58.

Some employers have in-house development centers for managers and employees that would include the following, except: a. classroom learning. b. in-basket exercises. c. job analysis programs. d. role-playing. 61. An organizational development method that involves surveying employees’ attitudes and providing feedback to departmental managers so that problems can be solved by the managers and employees is called: a. questionnaire analysis. b. diary logs. c. survey feedback. d. sensitivity training. Essay: 1New employee orientation has been shown to have measurable and positive effects on employee retention and satisfaction.

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In spite of this, many organizations do not have a formalized orientation process, and each employee gets a different orientation to the organization. Explain why you believe organizations do this. Outline how you would, as a new HR manager, convince management to implement new employee orientations. 2. The book listed a number of management development techniques. Which one do you believe is the most effective? Defend this choice and contrast it with at least three other techniques.

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