Trojan: Gothic Architecture and Word Meaning Word Essay Sample

What Trojan hero did the Romans considered themselves descended from? – Aeneas. What Grecian historian described and explained Rome’s rise to power? – Polybius Who were the legendary twin brothers who founded Rome in 753 B. C. ? – Romulus and Remus What three things did Polybius see the chief causes of Rome’s illustriousness? Which Hellenistic doctrine taught that we should endeavor for “pleasure. ” defined as the absence of hurting? –Epicureanism Which Hellenistic doctrine taught that logos. a Grecian word significance “word. ” or “reason. ” was the steering force in the existence? Stoicism What constructing stuff did the Romans perfect that revolutionized building? – liquid cement. What of import technology principal did the Romans utilize to enable the edifice of constructions like aqueducts and domes? – The Romans used columns and arches for support. What was the country of early Rome that served as a centre for political. spiritual. and commercial activity?

What event did the Arch of Titus. at the entryway to the Roman Forum. mark? From which ancient civilisation did the cult of Isis originate? -Egypt Which Phrygian goddess did the Romans look at as the “Great Mother” ? -Cybele Know some of the most important of the Mystery Religions harmonizing to the Romans. Which early Christian leader was most responsible for universalising the message. and doing Christianity more than a Judaic religious order? Where and how does the Gospel of Matthew urge the faithful to pray? What does the Grecian word Christos mean literally? Christos means “anointed ; chosen.

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What Roman Emperor divided the imperium into eastern and western halves? – Emperor Diocletian What did the Edict of Milan make? The Edict of Milan legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire. What Grecian metropolis did Constantine reassign the capital of the Roman Empire to? Constantine made the Grecian settlement of Byzantium the new capital of the Roman Empire. He changed its name to Constantinople. which subsequently. in bend. became Istanbul. What statement of religion came out of a church council called together by Constantine? St. Augustine. in his City of God. said to allow the savages come. so long as _____ ? What does asceticism intend? An ascetic is one who patterns extreme self-denial and asceticism.

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What is the Sanskrit word for the single psyche. that piece of brahmin in us? In Hinduism. what do we name the thought that our actions have effects for ourselves and the universe? -Karma What make Hindus name the extinction or “blowing out” of our psyche? Who are the three great Gods ( Trimurti ) of the Hindu pantheon? -Brahma . Vishnu. and Shiva In Indic faiths. what is the word for an embodiment of a God in material signifier? The great religious conversation between Arjuna and Krishna takes topographic point in what Bible? What does the rubric “Buddha” literally intend? The term Buddha means “awakened one” or the “enlightened one. Buddhism arose as a reform motion in what faith? -Hinduism What are the Buddha?s Four Noble Truths? 1. Life means enduring.

2. The beginning of agony is attachment. 3. The surcease of agony is come-at-able. 4. The way to the surcease of agony. Harmonizing to the Buddha. how can one free oneself from selfish desire and populate a happy life? What Godhead being told Muhammad that he was God?s new courier? What does the word “Islam” mean literally in Arabic? -The Arabic word ‘Islam’ merely means ‘submission’ What is the name for the flight of the Muslims from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD? -Hegira What is the name of the Holy Book of Islam? – Quran.

How many times each twenty-four hours are Muslims required to pray to Allah? -5 times a twenty-four hours Know the “Five Pillars of Islam. ” The Testimony of Faith. Prayer. Giving Zakat ( Support of the Needy ) . Fasting the Month of Ramadan. The Pilgrimage to Makkah: To what metropolis. Muhammad’s place of birth. do Moslems do the pilgrim’s journey known as the hadj? The place of birth of Muhammad is Mecca ( or Makkah ) in the nowadays state of Saudi Arabia. Mecca is the same caity that Muslims go for Hajj as Kaba is at that place. What Spanish-born Muslim philosopher was instrumental in recommending Aristotle. therefore boding Scholasticism? What three civilizations were the chief constituents of the civilisation that came to be known as “Western Christendom” ? – Classical. Germanic. and Christian What Anglo-Saxon verse form was the first great European heroic poem non written in Greek or Latin? What linguistic communication were Hinduism’s holy books. the Vedas and the Upanishads. written in? -Sanskrit

In what chanson de geste do we read of Christian warriors willing to decease for their religion? The unfaithfulness of what two characters brought about the autumn of Camelot in the Arthurian rhythm of narratives? What do we name the set of seven sacred Acts of the Apostless that impart grace to Christians? What philosophical motion of the Middle Ages sought to unite Aristotelean ground with Christian religion? Who was the writer of the Summa Theologica. the greatest memorial of medieval doctrine? Which of the Seven Deadly Sins was considered the most harmful? – Pride What is the lone animal that portions mankind?s “intellectual” nature? Who was the writer of the Divine Comedy? – Dante Alighieri

What two people guide Dante through the assorted divisions of the hereafter? What do we name the engagement rhyme strategy of the Divine Comedy? –Terza Rima What adult male was most responsible for the inventions of the Gothic cathedral? In add-on to pointed arches. what new architectural characteristic enabled Gothic cathedrals to lift much higher? -About the tallness. being closer to God. though this is non a proficient issue. About gargoyles. enter in the tradition of Gothic representation. possibly evils or closer to the alchemical icons Besides their apotropaic map. what was the practical map of Gothic gargoyles? What theological invention of Abbot Suger made usage of the new betterments of big stained-glass Windowss? – To supply visible radiation

An aqueduct ;
Arch of Titus ;
Amphitheatrum flavium ;
Pantheon ;
Augustus of Prima Porta ;
Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius ;
Jesus as Good Shepherd ;
Images of Vishnu and Shiva Nataraja ;
Kaaba of Mecca ;
Dome of the Rock. Jerusalem ;
Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris ;
Chartres Cathedral

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