Twelve Who Ruled and Robert Roswell Palmer Essay

The book. Twelve Who Ruled. covers a really complex period. the Gallic Revolution. Robert Roswell Palmer ; writer of the book. brings our attending of 12 work forces who have a opportunity to alter society. establishments. and political beliefs. Palmer takes our ideas drawn to the ferociousness and absolutism of this clip period and portions with us how idealism can conrupt and damage a state as a whole. Oppression is the sense and subject of emotion I feel when reading this book. How can a adult male like Robert Roswell Palmer be an writer of a well-written chef-d’oeuvre?

Robert Roswell Palmer or professionally known as R. R. Palmer. was born on January 11. 1909 in Chicago. Illinois. In high school. he accelerated in his faculty members. Motivated by his instructors. Palmer competed for a citywide “Latin prize” and earned a full drive scholarship to the University of Chicago. He received his Ph.d. from Cornell University in 1934. specialising in 18th-century France. Palmer’s endowments brought him an instructorship at Princeton University in 1936. Palmer spent World War II in Washington. D. C. . where he put his rational accomplishments to work for the War Department. Palmer married Esther Howard in 1942 and had three kids.

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After the war and progressing in his matrimony. he was a proud supervisor and subscriber of a undertaking that resulted in the postwar publication of two volumes. Organization of Ground Combat Troops ( 1947 ) and Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops ( 1948 ) . After the war he returned to Princeton where he taught for three decennaries and authored seven of his books. Catholics and Unbelievers in 18th-Century France ; published in 1939. Twelve Who Ruled ; published in 1941. and The Improvement of Humanity: Education and the Gallic Revolution ; published in 1985. Rand McNally Atlas of World History. foremost published in 1957 and still used today by many college professors.

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At age 43 he was named Princeton’s Dodge Professor of History from 1952 to 1963 and he began the latter portion of his academic calling by presuming administrative responsibilities as Dean of Arts and Sciences at Washington University. St. Louis from 1963 to 1966. Subsequently on he returned to his first passion. authorship and instruction. At the age of 60. he accepted a chair at Yale University. from which he retired in 1977. Palmer returned to Princeton where he was a invitee bookman at the Institute for Advanced Study. For the last several old ages. Palmer and his household lived at Newtown. Pennsylvania and where he would go through away on June 11. 2002.

Palmer’s calling earned him many awards. This includes service as president of the Society for French Historical Studies in 1961 and the American Historical Association in 1970. He was an active member of the American Philosophical Society and the American Academy of Arts & A ; Sciences. He held sing chairs at the Universities of Chicago. Colorado. and Michigan. and at the University of Califomia at Berkeley. He was the receiver of several honorary grades in the United States every bit good as in Europe. Italy’s Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei awarded him the Feltrenelli Prize in 1990 in acknowledgment of his life-time scholarly accomplishments.

R. R. Palmer is a valid beginning of desiring to cognize the Gallic Revolution. From cognizing his academic background and his good high positive representation. he is a healthy beginning. Reading his book. Twelve who ruled. seems as if he personally knows the 12 persons. He brings this clip period of great subjugation during the Gallic Revolution to life as you progress reading into his book. This book is a great book and a good written chef-d’oeuvre that will open your eyes.

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