UK teeanage pregnancy report

This report will show the rate of teenage pregnancy in different parts of the UK and it will also highlight the teenage pregnancy rate in the UK in comparison with other European countries. 2.0 Introduction

This report will represent the teenage pregnancy rate in UK, which is one of the biggest issues in UK for many years. The UK supplies young people with free NHS advice and help which also includes free contraception, to help young people protect themselves from early pregnancy. I think that teenage pregnancies highlights big problems which are caused by that not only the country but also communities. After a young person becomes pregnant they have a very small chance to finish their education in order to get a good job and good salary.

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As they don’t finish their education and usually leave school without any qualifications it becomes increasingly difficult for them to find a job which will be able to provide a comfortable life for young mum. Moreover this is causing trouble for the country as more young mothers are trying to get help from the council in the way of benefits and council housing. However it is not an easy task to provide all young mothers with a house and money for their living, as there is simply not enough housing for the growing number of teenage and young mothers. There is a long waiting list for the housing, and usually it is based on necessity. For example, if you have more children and there is not currently enough space where you are living then you move higher up the list as it is seen as a priority to get these larger families housed. The UK, as I mentioned before, is trying to give all possible help but is not working as the number of teenage pregnancy still rising. 3.0 Methodology

This source of information was found in the internet. The internet is the only source which updates the statistical information about teenage pregnancy as they want the younger generation to be aware of this issue. The sources which I have used in my report give a clear understanding of the number of teenage pregnancies and abortions with clear detailing and explanation on this issue.

4.0 Findings
Fig 4.1

Fig 4.2

Fig 4.3

Fig 4.4

Fg 4.1 shows the number of teenage pregnancy in London boroughs, and it outlines that Haringey borough has the biggest number of teenage pregnancies out of the rest. Although it did decrease from 2001- 2003 from almost 80 to 58, Haringey borough is still leading in teenage pregnancies. This means that Haringey council still has extra work to deal with teen mothers to provide them with income and housing. However not all the teenage pregnant girls need help from the council, as some of them can get help from their parents, but there is still large amount which are left alone with no money and education. Fg 4.2 shows under 16’s conception and abortion rate in England and Wales.

The data is taken from 1969 till 2009, which presents the data that from 1969 the under 16’s abortion rate starts massively increasing. Also it shows that under 16’s conception rate is still changing from year to year. The worse ratio for under 16 conception rate was in 1974, 1989 and between 1994 and 1999. Moreover the number of UK under 16’s conception decreased just after the teenage pregnancy strategy was introduced. Fg 4.3 This figure shows pregnancy, birth and abortion rates of teenagers aged 15-17. It shows that from 1976 till 2005 the pregnancy rate decreased and the same happened with birth and abortion rate. Although in 1990 the rate started slightly to increase, after 1992 the number rapidly decreased. Also the pregnancy rate in 1976 was 70 per 1000 women and in 2002 the rate was around 45 per 1000 women, this change might involve the NHS help which was given to all teenagers, as they introduced free contraception and a free NHS sexual health service.

Fg 4.4
The last graph is giving an overall rate of teenage pregnancy in EU countries. It’s showing that the UK is the leading country in teenage pregnancy and has the biggest amount of teenage pregnancies. It is very surprising as most of the countries which show their data of teenage pregnancies have no free contraception available and sexual health services for young people. However, it should be noted that Hungary also has a very high teenage pregnancy rate. The smallest number of teenage pregnancy can be seen in the Netherlands and Switzerland. 5.0 Conclusion

Teenage pregnancies have seen a slight decline in the UK, which can be attributed the government giving more sexual health classes, and the NHS making free contraceptives more readily available. However, the UK still has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in comparison to other European countries, and again this could be attributed to the NHS and government, as some young people take advantage of free benefits and housing. In order to improve the current situation the UK must take more drastic measures in order to prevent further growth of teenage pregnancy.

One example of this would be to make sexual health checks a compulsory part of the NHS and its regulations, instead of a matter of choice. However, that said, it would be very difficult to do so due to the current and ongoing economic crisis in which the UK is facing, with many other European countries. Making sexual health a mandatory part of the NHS would not be cost effective, forcing the government to supply the NHS more money to provide the equipment for testing. In order to resolve this, there must be an intermediate to the solution where a certain amount of money is invested into protecting the youth’s sexual health and thus preventing the level of growing pregnancies that the UK faces.

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