Unity V. Pluralism

Language represents both unity and pluralism because the writers are united due to the fact that they are all writers but they are different in the sense that they all write about different things in different ways. In Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”, Tan uses in the way that peoples language helps shape the way of life for many people as wells as their developmental stages. In the story, Tan’s mother speaks “broken” Chinese, so it’s her responsibility to translate her language into proper English. Tan knew that her mother had “broken”

Chinese because Tan heard the way her peers were speaking either English or Chinese. In contrast to that, Tan’s way of showing pluralism was by the ways of how the parents “broken” English could effect their children’s possibilities and the fact that people from other countries and the same as Tan could speak either “perfect” or “broken” English as well as their native language. Their possibilities could be in danger because they are growing up with the way of just “broken” English not learning “perfect” English would could set hem back in school and have them not achieve their dreams.

This text is NOT unique.

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If some one from a different country is able to speak “perfect” English after a couple of months of being in America could just mean that they pick things up fast or that they are more willing or wanting to learn more than those who settle for the “broken” English. Another author that shows these two characteristics of writing is Richard Rodriguez, “Private Language, Public Language”. Rodriguez uses unity to to describe people in society.

He is saying that if you have clear, firm English than you should be part of the society, but if you don’t than you must not belong. Also, that children should have the opportunity to have a Bilingual Education; meaning that no-English-speaking kids, use their family language as the language of school, so that they don’t lose that important piece of the culture. Writers have many different ways of show language characteristics, meaning there is no right or wrong way. Honestly, they ways found through these two authors are very good.

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