Using at Midway University Audience: Director of

Using a Problem-Solving Model for Preparing Recommendation Reports
Subject: International students living experience at Midway University
Audience: Director of International Programs at Midway University
Purpose: Address the incommodities that an international student come across living in Midway University Campus, as well as presenting various key aspects to better the quality of an international student experience through his/her career years in Midway University.
Identify the problem or opportunity.
Through my career in Midway University, I, as an international student experienced some incommodities such as not understanding the culture of the United States, which made the transition from my home country to the USA, it was harder during my first year because my home culture was a lot more different from the culture here in the US. Also, not knowing the language made communicating with others challenging, not being able to speak and understand the language created a barrier between me and the US students or the staff here in Midway. Another incommodity is the healthcare, having an insurance that does not cover everything.
Establish Criteria for Responding to the problem or opportunity.
During my first year at Midway University, I had three hours meeting with mentors in which we talk about the US culture, and it helped me to have a better understanding of their culture. These meetings were helpful to learn the language and improve it little by little. Besides the meetings with mentors, I also had 4 hours classes of grammar, reading, listening, and talking for about 9 months. Those classes were mean to help with the understanding of the English, be able to do assignment and test, so at the end of the year we will be prepare enough to take the ESL test and as well to be ready to start the freshman year. Having a healthcare insurance that does not cover every necessity an international student may have can make the living difficult sometimes.
Determine the options.
It would be helpful to do fun things outside the classroom like playing games, share stories to each other; do this at least two days per week, instead of just having meetings with our mentors. It could be helpful to include US students to the meetings and have conversations with them, get information from them too, to be included in activities outside the classroom that could let us interact with the staff, or visitors who come to the University.
Study each option according to the criteria.
If these options were to be executed, we could be more involved in the community, practice our English, have the chance to get to know the people in the society. By getting to know the people we will be able to know how to treat them and we will comprehend the US culture more profoundly. It may create a good environment and communication will get better with the more we interact and show interest in learning from others.
Doing fun things outside the classroom like playing informative games that can make the meetings less bored and everyone would be more open to share with others.
including US students to the meetings can help the conversations to be more interesting, because there is a possibility to have topics alike to talk about, or just talk about basic things as favorite hobbies, etc. Every little thing that can help with the development of the language.
Having activities as picnics, dinner, or just get together with the community and share a good time can be helpful and entertainment.

Draw conclusion about each option.
The first option is including US students in the meetings, it can be seen for the positive way where both international and US students can get benefit from each other; learn different things one from the other, leading that is the option of being included in activities outside the classroom to bear a part with the other US citizens, the relationship between international and US students could come across the classroom; do activities together, share ideas, going out to have fun, etc. After is having them share stories about their lives which brings us a closer insight of relatable and the real-life US culture. Then is having games outside the classroom to change the dynamic, be more creative, to be more motivated and get more interest in the subjects.

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Formulate recommendations based on the conclusion.
The option that is most beneficial and more effective is including the US students in our meetings so we can feel included, be involved and get to know them. It can play an important role in the student’s life because they can feel comfortable and also have the chance to interact with people of their same age, and it can be a plus for them because they would have more things to talk about. It can help to create a good communication between the students and so establish a good relationship where they both can feel comfortable to be around, sharing things, and learning from each other.

This paper seeks to identify possible solutions regarding international student struggles in Midway University, United States. Briefly, it contains some challenges international students face shedding insight on what works for them when trying to integrate into this society. International students faces a lot of difficulties while trying to get an education in a different country different from them. Having to go through a lot of different things such as a different culture, new country,new, people, and new language .

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