Walter Lee Character Analysis

Walter Lee Younger Character Analysis People’s intentions are sometimes very unclear. It seems like they are doing one thing but are really have some other intention in the end. Like when you ***. In Loraine Handlebars play A Raisin in the Sun, Walter Lee Younger is very similar in that aspect. He comes off very money hungry right from the beginning and seems somewhat selfish wanting to use his father’s insurance check. We can also see Walter lee is a very ambitious character but in the end, really Just wants to provide for his family. One of the ways Walter wants to provide for his family is by wanting to open up a Igor store.

Of course his family disapproves. They don’t like the fact that it’s a liquor store that he’s neither the friends he chose to do it with. On top of that he wants to use the money of his deceased father’s insurance to do it. What his family doesn’t seem to understand though is that if Walter is successful with his liquor store, he will he will be able to provide a constant stream of income. He would be able to move into place. He would be able to give Travis what he needs like food, clothes, and school. Maybe even help finance the rest of Beneath education.

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When Walter Lee Younger lost his mama’s money, he devastated his whole family. The money of his father’s death Just gone into thin air. When Linden offered to get them out of there by buying the house back it would seem that the first Walter would be Just to accept Lender’s offer. Get out of a neighborhood that doesn’t even want them. Go somewhere where they would be more accepted. On top of that make a small profit from the house in a time when they really needed the money he Just lost. I would seem that Walter would take up that offer immediately but he against every other logical reason he declines it.

It’s because he is thinking about the future and how it would affect his family. He doesn’t want to go back to some low class ghetto but wants to raise his son in a better environment which would also benefit everyone else. There is a point where Walter goes into deep despair when he finds out his mother made a down payment on the house. Walter believes in his investment and what it could do so much that he goes on a 3 day drinking binge and refuses to go to work. This shows he really wanted every penny he could get to maximize the profit of his investment to help his family.

In the end Walter’s ambitions and dreams all have his family in mind. He tried to open a business, kept his family in a better neighborhood despite being tempted with money, and***. He simply wants to provide a better life for them. I for one can relate to Walter by trying to provide for his family as far as business goes. I have opened my own business, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. At first it was Just for my personal gain. But money in my house is getting scarce as my Dad has stopped working and now I help with my business pay some of the bills. I’m sure you would do the same.

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