Well rounded education

Learn From the World A well-rounded education is the pursuit of knowledge across different areas of studies. It is a combination of academic enrichment and social intelligence. Just like Newman said “All branches of knowledge are connected together because the subject-matter of knowledge is intimately united in itself. ” Many people would assume the purpose of a well- rounded education is preparation for profession to get a Job to make more money, but that is not the definition I am thinking of.

The whole purpose of well-rounded education is not only to fit into a society, but also to help individuals to become completely self-knowledgeable, mature by engaging with different people through education systems, and expanding global perspective by engaging with different cultures. A well-rounded education is learned though institutions which helps us to become self-knowledgeable in society. As Newman said, “A habit of mind is formed which last through life”, meaning well-rounded education is a Journey to gain value as we absorb new knowledge.

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A well-rounded education should not be regarded as he way to get ahead the world, but it should be the process of gaining personal value. There are several ways to develop personal value, and in my case, I used to take public speaking class in my first semester, which actually helped me to become a better listener. In my class, I would hear various kinds of speech and different points of view from classmates, which can be a beautiful thing.

Undoubtedly, public speaking class is to teach you to build up self-confidence in order to punch fear in the face. By taking a speech class, I learned to make eye contact with my audience, ace the group of people and engage with them. Even though the nervousness did not disappear while presenting, the curriculum taught me how to face difficult situations, defeat fears, and turn weaknesses into strengths. Hence, this class taught me to be resourceful and gave me the ability to communicate efficiently with others.

Except gaining knowledge at school the other important element to gain personal value is to understand the importance of responsibility to your life which means to be independent. Honestly, no one can teach me how to be independent, it all comes from our surrounding environment. There is a saying that people are learning from their own mistakes, after I experience all the consequences, I am able to deal with difficult situations and improve problem solving skills. Life experiences teaches me how to act and talk in various scenario.

Secondly, a well-rounded education helps people to be mature by engaging with different people through education system. According to Newsman’s idea of university course is to “trait[n] good members of society’ but he argue that the purpose of education should not be the preparation of career it should be designed for last in life time. I agree with his statement that university education train student to think clearly, write well, analysis clearly, student get their knowledge and absorb it, finally apply to what they learn into society.

For example, in order to develop capacity of solving problem it can be done by thinking things critically, thinking which helps us to find the key to solve the problem. The main point is about people should gain knowledge from university education and use it life but not Just work, and people learn knowledge throughout life as well. The concept mention by Jon Spade’s “The Whole World’s A Classroom” means knowledge s come from both academic enrichment and social intelligence.

We are not only learning from nature but also nurture, the new knowledge can make us grow and see different thing in different angle. Using Steve Wonder’s story as example, when he was writing Songs of Key of Life he was completely blind, but his family has a great expectation on him and provide him with musical and academic experiences. All his songs are inspired from inside and outside of class, that proves his learning Journey is both classical and in the street education.

I believe a well-rounded education is not just a school setting, if people can explore the new thing around them, it will certainly give them a conscious view, to have its own Judgment or open a new idea Just like Steve Wonder. The combination of formal schooling and other knowledge can make people think, read and even become a mature person. Although people will reflect differently by their surrounding environment, but if one can manage and keep well balance between street smart and book smart it can defiantly help them to become a mature person.

In order to build up the connection with new subject it is necessary o link the new knowledge with our prior knowledge so it can help us to learn the new things. A well-rounded education plays an important role to make people prepare for the independent life into the society by building up self-reliance, developing the power of Judgment and problem solving skills. In my case, I used to study in four different countries, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and United States.

Though these experience, I have gained different perception of different education system, and able to adapt efficiently to various situations. Since I exposed to various scenarios and I have gained insight to which I put to use in my daily life. In my learning Journey, I have learnt to view situation with a global perspective, having my own Judgment with both short-term and long-term bump they will produce. Lastly, well-rounded education is to see things with a global perspective by engaging with different culture.

Pico leer, who is a British-born essayist and novelist of Indian origin, he asked “Where were you come from” meaning where you have been educated, this question seems like a simple question for lots of people, but for people like me, it brought ever more complicated answers, since I am moving around like a traveler. It is hard to fugue out where I belong to, but I would say the real world is the place that shape me by engaging with multi-culture, and the people around the world. After watching his speech, I feel less of need to find where I belong, every place I have been to make me who I am.

Different cultures have teach me how to view things with global consciousness, intercultural knowledge and skill, and professional development. After I experience various cultures, I find out that global education have given me a sense of culture engagement by stepping outside of comfort zone. When I first came o United States to study in college, I was struggle hard and expect to achieve objectives and goals, I feel that I could get nothing because of a small mistake or misfortune which I had never think of or end up with no reward, no achievement.

I was struggle until I talked to my SSL professor, she told me even though things did not go smoothly or it end up with bad results, I still need to face it and live with it. Suddenly, I changed my mind and took her words to see things differently, without thinking everything in negative way, every time I faced difficult situations, instead of implanted how unfair the world is, I chose to give it to my best shoot, even though the result is not as good as I expected, I accepted it, lived with it before I am given another chance to achieve the goal.

Undoubtedly, well-rounded education helped me to become a better person, I become self-knowledgeable and self-grown by engaging with the world. As a Taiwanese, I have adapted a passion for the open- mindedness of the western society from which America education has given me. I was very fortune to have a chance to see the value of different education systems by ravening around the world. From Pico layer’s speech it gives me a new idea of how I defined myself.

I consider myself as a Taiwanese since it is my root, living style as a Japanese, and when it comes to mindset, I am an American. It is good to traveling around, sometimes individuals Just need to think about where is the place deepest inside them the pick the one they are happy with and fit into it. I feel that well- rounded education have given me a sense of idea what is inside me, cleared out the value behind different cultures done by stepping out into the real world.

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