What are the various factors that shape identity? Essay

Identity is something we all get over our life-times. There are many factors that come in to play when developing your personal individuality. Every-day things and interactions between inanimate objects and people we come in contact with are all factors in how are individuality is shaped. There are many theories as to what is most of import in organizing our individualities.

Society has a major impact on who we become. When we form relationships with others. it has a great impact on picks we make in our lives. “In the more sociologically oriented life-course literature. individuality refers to the assorted significances an single attaches to oneself and by others within societal relationships” ( Hitlin. Steven ) . Erik Erikson besides believed that societal influences are the most of import factors in how the individuality is shaped. He built his theories from Freud’s psychosexual phases of development theory. “For Erikson. the societal facets that influence human development are more important in determining the individuality of the human personality” ( Batra. Sunil ) .

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The grownups in our early old ages are the most instrumental factors in how we learn to place ourselves. The grownup figures in our lives can positively or negatively affect our individuality. “Childrens development of a sense of themselves through the procedure of taking the function of important others and developing what he termed reflected appraisals” ( Hitlin. Steven ) . Basically. kids would seek to mime behaviour to seek to acquire feedback from grownups. If the grownup has something constructive to state to the kid. he might larn from it. But. if the kid gets put down or told they can’t do something plenty they start doubting themselves and that can impact the person’s self-pride in the long-run. “Persistent diffidence can hold an inauspicious impact on the self-pride of a turning kid. ” ( Batra. Sunil )

Everyday interactions we have with people and things help determine our individuality. “in a haste of ideas. a apogee of wretchedness swept over her-the failed narration of The Gravedigger’s Handbook. the destruction of her household. her incubuss. the humiliation of the day- as she crouched in the trough and wept” ( Zusak. Markus ) . This shows how people and state of affairss affect a individual emotionally. All of the illustrations above could be added to her individuality. Everything we do and everyone we come in contact with influences how our individuality is shaped. “Every twenty-four hours experiences include engagement ( or the deficiency of it ) with household members and the full matrix of societal and cultural exchange. including drama. reading and authorship ( or the deficiency of these ) . exposure to engineering and media. etc. ” ( Batra. Sunil ) .

Identity is shaped through fundamentally everything we interact with or experience. We will ever be adding on to our individuality because we will go on to see new things or run into new people. The manner we interact with other people or our exposure to media characterizes our individuality.

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