What Is Education and Why It Is Important? Essay

Education is is future-oriented – it is about development and growing even when we are analyzing the past. Therefore. as pedagogues. the facet of thought we tend to concentrate upon is larning. As we have stressed. much thought is commonplace – it goes on all the clip. frequently without our being cognizant of it. Education takes us into the witting universe. It involves activities that are intended to excite thought. to further larning. We set out to assist another individual to larn. or to larn something ourselves ( a procedure of self-cultivation ) . Both can take topographic point at the same clip. We learn as we teach. In conversation we learn about people and communities and besides learn the trade of informal instruction. Three things mark out instruction: the purpose to further acquisition ; a concern with environment ; and certain values

Purpose. We may hold a book and a syllabus – we know there are certain things about which we need to speak and things we wish to learn. However. a batch of the clip we may non hold such a clear thought of where things are headed. All we have is a image of the general way that we want to travel in. However. we set out to further larning – and this purpose is a cardinal feature of instruction. Environment. . The physical environment – the form of the room. the manner chairs are laid out. illuming and warming will act upon the manner we feel and think about the activities we are engaged in. In bend. our societal relationships will impact the manner we view these things. Commitment. Educators do non move in a value free manner. In our position. for something to be called ‘education’ . whether it takes topographic point in the schoolroom or the canteen. it must be informed by certain values. There is a spliting line between instruction and indoctrination. Education. unlike the latter. embraces a committedness to:

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* Respect for individuals.
* The publicity of wellbeing.
* Truth.
* Democracy.
* Fairness and equality.

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Skills that Can non be MeasuredA love to larn
Fictional character
Natural endowment
Ability to treat cognition
Knowing how to larn
Self-esteem. pride
Motivation. desires
Vision. ends
Research and analytical accomplishments
Natural ability
Perceptive penetration
Bounce back from failure
Willingness to take hazard
Fear control. bravery
Communication accomplishments
Problem work outing
Time direction
Applying engineering
Acquire & A ; evaluate information
Ability to acquire occupations done|

What is instruction? The reply is. all elements in the gap paragraph and more. relate to instruction and all should be considered. This would be ideal and sounds good. but “all” is non possible where public presentation must be measured. Merely what can be measured will be selected and the measurement tool is the written trial. Anyone who does non hold the ability to set clear ideas on paper is labeled a failure. All natural accomplishments. including cognition processing. does non number. The fact is. what is exercised grows stronger. what is ignored corsets dormant. The schoolroom exercises the aggregation of faculty members go forthing all other natural accomplishments in the cupboard. Trial does non mensurate intelligence or ability. it does non mensurate how the head processes information. how motivative experiences develop continuity. or how the head sorts out inherent aptitudes. sentiments. ratings. possibilities. options. Knowledge by itself has no value. it is like a dictionary filled with words.

Wordss by themselves have no value. it is the procedure of threading them together that gives them value. How they are strung together determines the degree of value. Now our instruction system is going a system that memorizes the lexicon. When pupils have memorized selected cognition. so they will be given a one-day trial. based on dictionary cognition. which will act upon employment chance for the remainder of their life. Natural accomplishments are non considered. Is this how America became the worlds’ economic leader? NO! Knowledge merely has value when used with a procedure and procedure in an unreal environment is non predictable or mensurable. Achievers in life usage inspiration and motive to get the better of barriers.

Teaching to the trial does non animate or actuate anyone. memorizing does non animate a love to larn. in fact. it does merely the antonym. it turns off the desire to larn. Education’s end should be to develop a love to larn that stays with pupils throughout a life-time. Education should be a lifetime experience. non limited to the young person old ages. Educators are exchanging to prove because there is a crisis in instruction of their ain devising and society wants mensurable consequences. This force per unit area is passed on to political leaders who base political determinations on what is mensurable. which is academic trial and trial are based on credence of the position quo. Every pupil must now accept the position quo and be an academic rational or be labeled a failure. Natural endowment and cognition processing accomplishments does non number. Students having the failure label are turning in Numberss and per centum. all because the system measures selected cognition on a one twenty-four hours standardized paper trial.

See the parent who is holding a job with a word processor. On their ain they can’t solve the job. They have been roll uping cognition for old ages. but their cognition processor is in hibernation. With any new appliance person has to learn them. they can’t calculate it out for themselves. Their thirteen-year-old male child comes to the deliverance. He has limited cognition. but he knows how to treat available information. He explores the word processor job until he finds a solution. He is non remarkably smart. this is a teenager’s natural attack to happening solutions. All immature kids have a natural endowment for originative procedure of information. It’s during the adolescent old ages that natural originative processing is replaced with the position quo. The position quo memorizes cognition and forgets how to treat it. In the schoolroom. memorizing is what counts. Standardized trial reinforces the position quo. It kills originative processing ability. Status quo attitudes will follow them into grownup life where they will hold to inquire their kids for aid. Today. the instruction has a new tool on the market. Behavior control drugs.

Any pupil who refuses to accept the position quo is labeled a trouble maker and will be drugged. The pupil now behaves in the schoolroom with glassy eyes and school functionaries receive high public presentation evaluations. The pupil may acquire go throughing classs and set down a occupation with a comfy pay. but that will be all. Teenage dreams of great aspirations are gone. Fact: Self-made millionaires are non “A” pupils in the schoolroom. The manner they process cognition is in struggle with schoolroom precedences. The self-made millionaire has a vision. so he researches specific cognition. applies intuitive cognition and procedure all elements. seeking for a feasible solution. Finding alternate ways to make common undertakings makes millionaires. The secret is vision. research and processing. non pre stored cognition entirely.

The typical employer wants employees with dictionary cognition. non visionaries. They want employees who follow orders. are willing to make insistent undertakings. be happy with a limited function. and accept the position quo. Insistent tasks’ is efficiency and this is where net incomes are made. Besides. accepting the position quo prevents the exposure of bloopers by leaders. Too many bloopers and net incomes disappear. In a position quo environment visionaries become world-weary rapidly and shortly have the trouble maker label by offering options or exposing bloopers. sometimes taking to dismissal. yet. their ideas addition efficiency and make new beginnings of net incomes for the company. In the long draw. visionaries are the one’s who make above norm wages no affair what their formal instruction degree. The instruction system now has the tools to kill off this type of individual. behavior control drugs!

As these pupils move into the work force. position quo and bloopers will kill off the typical concern. What can be considered a quality instruction? A quality instruction is custom design that addresses the alone abilities of each pupil and has a positive emotional experience. Custom instruction evaluates natural endowment and how the pupil learns. This is why place schooled pupils out perform schoolroom pupils. Parents learn what works and does non work. so concentrate on what plants. With this method. pupils develop a love to larn and larning becomes a womb-to-tomb procedure.

What type of instruction environment. make you believe. will bring forth consistent victors? Note: As I write this. e-learning is going an instruction theoretical account that the present system can non vie with. It is concentrating on what motivates instead than what the system thinks is good for pupils. It is besides go forthing out politicians. text edition industries. proving companies. and brotherhoods. These forces are now contending back. seeking to keep a system that is in their involvement. non the pupils. At this clip. they are concentrating on standardised testing. which seems to be a last ditch attempt to keep the position quo.

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