What Reading Means to Me?

“We are tied down, all our days and for the greater part of our days, to the common place. This is where contact with great thinkers, great literature helps. In their company we are still in the ordinary world transfigured and seep through the eyes of wisdom and genius”. – Sir Richard Livingston. When I was growing up my parents reminded me to choose my friends carefully. The same is true with the books you read. Some of the greatest books were written by some of the best minds in history. You have to choose the right genre that describes you.

When you pick the right book you will start reading a lot. Lastly reading will change you by improving yourself and becoming a better person. There are many types of genres that I love such as horror, mystery, and drama. I love these genres because it will give you questions to think about such as what will happen next, who she will kill, or who the stalker is. I like the Bluford series because it has all of these qualities. The authors Paul Langan and Anne Schraff seem to lead you into another story with more drama and hatred towards characters.

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I like this series because it will entertain you with more adventures and action During the weekends and weekdays when I am done doing my homework and chores, I like to spend numerous amount of time reading. I spend at least one to two hours reading three or two days per week. At first I did not like reading because I thought it was boring, but actually when I kept reading it became more interesting. Also, by reading it helps me with my education and I got a better understanding of books Now, I can read more challenging books such as chapter books with vocabulary terms that I do not understand.

Reading helps me in so many ways like my ability to comprehend better. Once I started reading a few challenging books I found it easier to comprehend. Also, while reading books it gives me an amazing imagination for an example if the author describes Panama City it would make me visualize in my head the sound of ocean waves, the taste of seafood, the feeling of the sand in between my toes, the smell of nature and salt water, and the sight of the beach. Lastly it improves my life.

By making great books a master course in self-development. In conclusion, reading is my whole life. It is like a cake. There are many steps you have to take to make it a cake. Then there are many layers and you have to cover them with icing and sprinkles. With reading you start with a small book full of pictures. Then so on you read chapter books with no pictures but with over hundreds of pages. Lastly you master all your skills of reading and will soon take other procedures.

Reading means my life at risk. If it is gone my life may be gone. With reading I know how to live and build my character. Just like life you have to start reading at some point. When you get better it gets complicated. For instance when you find the right job you have to master some skills and when it is time to pay bills you have to keep practicing your skills with reports and projects. Also when you get promoted to a higher opportunity with your job with reading you reached a higher level.

Reading builds my character by helping me with my life problems and telling me right from wrong. Also when reading chapter books it help me to relate to the characters in the chapter book to myself in real life and help me to understand the decisions I make. “What reading means to me? ” Reading means life, reading builds character, and reading is my life story “Starting your first pages in life is a story that will take place being mentally alive” ? – Author Unknown

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