Why Women Should Be Able to Vote

Egalitarian means to treat everyone equally regardless of their gender, social class, nationality, education, family, appearance or job. Why should we call ourselves an egalitarian country if we’ve even consider to not give women political privileges such as voting or contributing to ideas based on gender? Women are counted as citizens of the country. They still pay taxes and obey the law. Yet, their ideas and voices are being crucially mocked and ignored.

By allowing women to vote, contribute ideas and analyse problems, we would have more intense debates and more conflicts in arguments. However, we would also be aware of more common problems and needs of the people that need to be met. My next reason why women should be allowed to vote is that countries allowing women’s suffrage have benefited from these actions. The first country allowing this to be passed was our neighbouring country, New Zealand in 1883, and then followed by Denmark, Norway, Germany and Finland in the mid-1900s.

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Australia can grow by following the footsteps of these countries as they now have a wide variety of ideas beneficial to both men and women because it serves the citizen’s need which should priority. It also gives women, hope and role models to look up to. Lastly, women should be able to vote because we are just as hard working as men. A majority of women are capable of doing tasks men can do. Women are very committed to their family.

How can a woman financially support her family if she does not get paid as much as men due to men’s bias? Women are expected to only do large amount of cooking, cleaning and looking after kids. It would only be fair if they were able to vote as their votes would contribute to what is best for the country and its future. In conclusion, I strongly believe women having the right to vote will increase our economy as its extremely beneficial for the people’s rights, needs and the future of Australia being known as an egalitarian country.

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