?Wireless Network Design Exercise

Your employer, XelPharm, is a large manufacturer and distributor of generic, over-the-counter healthcare products. Its main campus consists of three buildings within two blocks of each other. Each building houses approximately 200 employees, including those in the following departments: Administration, Accounting, Research, Legal, Quality Control, Order Fulfillment, and Production. In addition, XelPharm owns a large distribution warehouse approximately four miles away from the headquarters. Until now, its networks have relied entirely on wired connections.

The company’s CIO (chief information officer) decided long ago that he would wait until wireless technology “settled down” before investing in it. 1. What can you tell him about the wireless standards that might convince him that now is the time to adopt wireless technology? The differences between wireless and wired technologies were discussed. Most of the time such a discussion came down to an enumeration of the advantages and the disadvantages related to each technology. Wireless communication network has numerous advantages, not least the mobility of the devices within the network.

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It is a simple matter to relocate a communicating device, and no additional cost of rewiring and excessive downtime is associated with such a move. It is also a simple matter to add in a communication device to the network or remove one from the network without any disruption to the remainder of the system. Other than the initial outlay on setting up a wireless network, the cost of running and maintaining it is minimal. These factors show the appeal of wireless technology for the home and office environment.

Wireless technology is certainly able to improve our life quality. Especially since wireless communication systems are becoming cheaper, easier to implement and smaller every day, so more and more devices can profit from it. Wireless solutions can be time saving, easier to use, and more mobile. Also, wireless conditioning monitoring reveals different applications not even realizable through a wired network. Still, the issues mentioned in this paper need to be taken into account every time a new wireless application is considered.

Only if we make responsible choices in replacing wired technology by its wireless alternative, we will be able to continue to improve our life quality, in the near as well as distant future. Wireless solutions offer productivity, convenience, and cost advantages over traditional wired networks. Wireless solutions allow many benefits, including allo wing businesses to benefi t from the value of their information. Wireless solutions can provide users with access to real-time information from more places in their organization.

This mobility supports productivity an d service opportun ities not possible with wired networks. Organizations are adopting wirele ss solutions to improve their competitiveness. Wireless standards provide users with more flexibility and ease of use in networks. It is time to adopt to wireless technology because employee’s don’t not need to carry out wires and cables to connect to wired connections, your workers can be connected without sitting on connected PCs and lastly reduce costs because wireless networks are generally cheaper and easy to install and maintain than wired connections.

Also, what can you tell him to convince him that wireless networking could improve the company’s productivity? Wireless Networks are a must have, being online 24/7 is a privilege many customers and employees appreciate, thus offering a wireless connection at all times on your premises will please visitors and employees alike. Wireless network also helps connecting devices from home or other facilities with the ones currently in place. A wireless network allows your business to provide secure wireless access to the Internet for guests such as customers or business partners.

Retailers; and other public-facing businesses can provide this as a unique value-added service. Wireless networking could improve the companies productivity because ease of use between employees, the ease of use can make all employee connected via wireless networks weather laptop or tablet it can connect employee even without the use of connected PCs. 3. Which employees could make best use of wireless connections and how? Wireless solutions can provide employees ;users with access to real-time information from more places in their organization.

This mobility supports productivity an d service opportun ities not possible with wired networks. Organizations are adopting wirele ss solutions to improve their competitiveness. 4. In what type of situations would all employees benefit from wireless networking? Employees who use your wireless LAN can roam around your office or to different floors without losing their connection. Imagine everyone in a team meeting or in small conferences having access to up-to-the minute communications, and all documents and applications on your network.

Similarly, using Voice over Wireless LAN technology, they can have roaming capabilities in their voice communications. So, Increased mobility and collaboration II. You have persuaded XelPharm’s CIO that wireless networking would benefit many of the company’s employees. However, he requests that you plan the network carefully and begin with a pilot network before migrating hundreds of clients to use wireless technology. You decide to begin with a pilot network in the distribution facility. The distribution facility is 200 feet long by 120 feet wide.

It houses 45 employees during each shift, all on the same floor. 1. What is step in planning the pilot network What is your first? As part of your planning, draw the network, including the quantity and optimal placement of access points. 2. What pitfalls, some unique to this environment, are you careful to avoid? 3. What wireless standard do you recommend and why? III. The time has come for XelPharm to expand. The board of directors has purchased another warehouse for a second distribution facility.

It’s located in an industrial area, about eight miles from the company’s headquarters. Unfortunately, fiber-optic cable has not reached this area, and given the numerous obstacles to digging, it would be prohibitively expensive to install. 1. What type of long-distance, high-throughput wireless technology do you recommend to connect the headquarters with the new distribution center? 2. List the benefits and drawbacks of this type of connection compared to a T-3 over SONET connection. 3. Also list the type of equipment each location would need to make your wireless solution work.

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