Young people today are less dependent on their parents than in the past

Young people today are less dependent on their parents than in the past. whether young people today depend more on their parents then in the past has generated considerable discussion among educator, futurists and parents. In my opinion, nowadays young people are more depends on their parents for their life on working, and financial aid. There are two examples. First, since young people have more and more pressure on their way of finding a good career, they can not easily to find a job as before. At that time, many of their parents try to use their own relationship to help their children to find a better job.

For example, my neighbor Alice, a young lady who just graduated from the university, tried to find a job for a long time. Because the university that she studied in is not so good, and her major is not easy to get a job, she told her parents about her situation and difficulties. After that, her parents found their old friend to help her job. Finally, she got a pretty nice job by their parents’ relationship. Obviously, young people may have to depend on their parents more on getting a great career by using the relationship that their parents had.

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Second, young people may have to let their parents help them with the financial aid, so they are more depend on their parents. In other word, more and more young peopler may feel hard to be independent if they want to study abroad or start their own work on a big project by using their poor property. Take my elder brother as an example, he wants to have his own coffee shop in order to get more money. Because he does not has high income from his job, he does not have large amount of deposit.

He tried to borrow money from his friend, but the amount to open a coffee shop is still enough. Under the helpless, he shows his parents about his dream. His parents agrees to borrow money to him, and now he pay off all the loan from his friends and parents. Therefore, young people still need their parents’ helping on financial. To summarize, although young people nowadays are more success on their work, I still believe that they still depend on their work opportunities and financial. Because they have more pressure to compete with each other, they may need their parents’ help.

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