Yutaka Nakamura Case Summary

Yutaka Nakamura is a 44 year old Japanese man who works in the sales department of a large electronics firm. 4 years ago, Yutaka and his family (Son: Kenichi, Daughter: Yukimi and Wife: Chizuru) were sent to work in a key subsidiary in California. After becoming accustomed to living in the United States, Yutaka’s time was up and it was time for him and his family to return to Japan. Although Yutaka and his family enjoyed their life in America, they we’re all excited to go home. Unfortunately, their return to Japan did not go as smooth as they had anticipated.

The kids, Chizuru and Yutaka each had their own particular problems in adjusting back to life in Japan. The kid’s main problem with the return dealt with their education. Even though Kenichi and Yukimi spent weekends in special Japanese school, they were still somewhat behind in several key areas. In particular, they were behind in math, science and written Japanese. Chizuru and Yutaka began to get phone calls home regarding their children’s struggles in the classroom from the school’s teachers and administrators.

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In particular they claimed that Kenichi was unwilling to accept facts stated by the teachers and constantly wanted to the logic behind the various statements, he asked way too many questions during class and his teachers claimed that his memorization skills seemed to be quite poor. Yukimi, on the other hand, appeared to be adjusting a little easier than Kenichi but she claimed that her classmates were calling her Gaijin (which means foreigner in Japanese).

Both Kenichi and Yukimi also claimed that their peers had been ridiculing them about some of their clothes that they had purchased while they were living in California. Chizuru also faced problems adjusting back to life in Japan. It had taken her about a year to get used to life in California, but now that she has returned to Japan she missed many things about her life in California. What she missed most about the United States was the parities she and Yutaka would attend/host at their house.

Her role during parties in California was extremely different than her role during parties in Japan. In California she and Yutaka would host the party together and throughout the night their guests would comment about how lovely her house was, how wonderful the dinner was and beautiful she looked. In Japan they rarely had people over and when they did she was more of a waitress than a host. When she had first returned to Japan, Chizuru had tried to re-establish relationships with her friends she had before her family and her went to the United States.

However, Chizuru’s friends completely gave her the cold shoulder. Whenever she tried to tell them about stories and things she had experienced in California, her friends quickly seemed disinterested and on some occasions accused her of showing off. This deeply hurt Chizuru. Despite her own difficulties, Chizuru often felt depressed about her children’s difficulties that they were having in school. On top of that she felt that her and Yutaka’s marriage is suffering because of the more strenuous work schedule that Yutaka had in Japan.

Other than all of his family’s hardships, incidents big and small had taken a toll on Yutaka since his return to Japan. Since his return he often had trouble sleeping, had a poor appetite, and often had throbbing headaches. Yutaka’s life at work and his life at home had both been suffering since his return. At home; Sunday was his only free day and on his free day all he wanted to do was sleep, all he received was complaints from the family about his unwillingness to spend time with them. It seemed as if no matter what he did, someone was complaining.

At work, not long after his return home to Japan, he was reading a Newsweek on the train into work just as he had often done before his assignment to America. However, once he had gotten to his office, several of his peers chided him for showing off his language skills and reading an English magazine instead of reading one of the more traditional Japanese news magazines. He was also frustrated about the slow decision making process in Japan. In the United States everything was much faster paced and he had more authority and responsibility.

Back in Japan, even with simple decisions he had to jump through hoops and talk to multiple people to resolve the problem (which he felt was unnecessary). Yutaka and his family are now faced with some tough decisions to make. Should they stay in Japan or should Yutaka request another overseas assignment? If they decide to stay in Japan; what are they going to do about Kenichi’s and Yukimi’s problems in school? What can they do about their suffering family life at home? And what is Yutaka going to do about his deficiencies at work?

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